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The cost of a liposuction breast reduction

The cost of a liposuction breast reduction
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cost of liposuction breast reduction melbourneWhen it comes to breast reduction surgery, cost is an important factor, but whether you get liposuction or a surgical reduction makes all the difference. 

Breast reduction surgery is usually the result of many years of discomfort, with the procedure a big decision and all costs – including recovery time and financial outlay – must be taken into consideration.

Because a breast reduction is often required on a medical basis due to back pain and discomfort, some cases do allow for Medicare rebates, and private health insurance may also contribute to the cost. All of these avenues must be taken into consideration before the final cost to you personally can be determined.

The financial cost of a liposuction breast reduction in Melbourne

The cost of a liposuction breast reduction varies and is likely to be well into the thousands. An accurate quote cannot be made without a consultation, however, so it’s best to first visit your Dr Michael Rich at ENRICH in Armadale, Melbourne, to determine the extent of your liposuction breast reduction procedure, plus any costs that can be subsidised by Medicare or health insurance.

Costs will also be determined by the type of anaesthetic used, local or general, and the extent of liposuction required for your breasts. Most liposuction breast reduction procedures are performed with just a local anaesthetic, which reduces risks and recovery time.

A liposuction breast reduction is a very different procedure to a surgical breast reduction (also known as a mammoplasty). A mammoplasty requires skin to be cut out and the breast surgically reshaped. A liposuction breast reduction uses the most minimally invasive methods possible, with just a few very tiny incisions for the microcannula tubes to be inserted into the breast tissue.

Liposuction breast reductions are by far preferable, because the damage to breast tissue is so minimal in a successful procedure, since just fat is affected, not ducting tissue. The same cannot be said for a mammoplasty breast reduction.

The benefits of liposuction breast reductions

There is virtually no scarring with liposuction breast reductions, and there is no evidence that breastfeeding will be an issue since it doesn’t affect the ducting – just the fat. Women with very fibrous breasts with a lot of glandular tissue will not see the same results as a woman with very fat-dense breasts, since liposuction works on fat, not glandular tissue.

A small but noticeable breast lift is also an outcome of most liposuction breast reductions, because the skin naturally retracts around the new size of the breast. There is no sagging skin leftover; that’s not how skin works. It’s very elastic.

Liposuction breast reductions can reduce breast size by up to half, with no change in the shape of the breast.

Is a liposuction breast reduction worth the money?

Some women cannot put a price on having a smaller cup size, since the discomfort they feel due to their large breasts is immense. Comfort is everything. This means that typically, a liposuction breast reduction is worth far more than we pay for it, however ultimately this is up to every patient who walks through our doors. If a liposuction breast reduction is not what you need, then we will find other options to solve the problems you may be facing.

You should be fully informed of what you should expect after your liposuction breast reduction so there are no surprises. Liposuction breast reduction can change your life, but only if it’s the right thing for you.

 A more comfortable breast size can be yours.
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