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Cryotherapy involves the use of freezing or near freezing temperatures to assist in the treatment illness and injury. There is a large range of treatments that fall under the cryotherapy banner including cool packs, localised freezing using liquid nitrogen to full body cryotherapy chambers.

Cryotherapy for weight loss

Cryotherapy might assist with weight loss as the rush of cold can rapidly increase the body’s metabolic rate. When combined with regular diet and exercise, your body may lose fat quicker than it would otherwise. It is however not suggested as a total weight loss treatment.

Proponents of the treatment suggest that you’ll achieve maximum results with repeated sessions to improve muscle tone and circulation.

Full body cryotherapy for weight loss, reduction of muscle soreness or stress and anxiety treatments are increasing in popularity, however, the jury is out on the long term results of this practice.

ENRICH Clinic does not offer full body cryotherapy.

ENRICH Clinic’s Body Contouring Program 

Looking to shift unwanted fat deposits? ENRICH Clinic does not offer full body cryotherapy but does employ another type of cold therapy with our Cooltech procedure.

This non-surgical fat removal method targets and removes unwanted fat. Cooltech, along with Liposuction, are both options suggested in our Body Contouring Program.

ENRICH Clinic believes individualised, tailored treatments, are key to the treatment success.  We formulate a Body Contouring program for each patient, depending on their needs, that reflects the result they wish to achieve, in the time they want to achieve it.

Ready to shift the fat? Contact ENRICH Clinic for your Body Contouring consultation.

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