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Why your dentist should not be performing dermal filler treatments on you

Why your dentist should not be performing dermal filler treatments on you
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Who should be administering your dermal filler injections?

Some Melbourne dentists have started offering their patients dermal filler treatments and anti-wrinkle injections, which is typically the domain of the cosmetic dermatologist. Why are dentists now offering these treatments? We investigate.

Dentists already use anti-wrinkle injections (neuromodulators) in the jaws of some patients to reduce teeth grinding or other problematic mouth or jaw movements that cause tooth or gum damage. This means they have the neuromodulators on hand and are trained in their application.

They are not, however, trained in cosmetic dermatology, where the look of the face is paramount to a successful outcome. When you spend all day looking inside people’s mouths, you miss the subtleties of the face as a whole.

Dentists do understand facial anatomy better than almost any practitioners, that’s true, but this does not necessarily mean their application of neuromodulators and dermal fillers will be en pointe aesthetically speaking. You want this when it comes to your face. That’s the whole point.

Supreme facial anatomy understanding may mean that technically speaking, they may be proficient at delivering a well-placed injection. That’s a great start, but practice makes perfect, and newbie dentist injectors is not where you should be considering getting something as important as your anti-ageing injections.

Dentists deal with broken teeth, diseased gums and misplaced jaws all day. They can give you a lovely bite and whiter teeth, but they should stick to what they’re good at: dentistry. The rest of the face is the domain of the cosmetic dermatologist, whose job is making the face lovelier than ever using their artful eye and immense skill, often using neuromodulators or dermal filler treatments.

The reason some dentists are branching into dermal filler treatments and neuromodulators for cosmetics is because cosmetic treatments are good money spinners – they are easy enough to carry out in a perfunctory way, need repeat treatments to maintain, and if you already have someone in the chair, it can be an easy sell.

There is no reason why a dentist should not perform these injections, technically speaking, which also applies to your regular GP or your podiatrist. These people are medical doctors too, who might use neuromodulators in their practice. In fact, you don’t have to be a medical doctor to perform dermal filler treatments or neuromodulator injections – nurses and beauticians can do these injections – and many types of doctors use these injections for other non-wrinkle-related medical problems.

Our professional cosmetic dermatologists can do your dermal filler injections

At ENRICH clinic in Melbourne, we only have qualified, experienced cosmetic dermatologists doing neuromodulator injections and dermal filler treatments. That way we know for sure you will be getting the very best injectors in Melbourne, who love dermal filler treatments and are experts in their use on all faces. Our injectors, in fact, are some of the brightest cosmetic dermatologists in Melbourne, training other dermatologists in the use of dermal filler treatments. That’s how good they are.

We pride ourselves on having a beautiful, functional, state-of-the-art clinic with the best cosmetic dermatologists in Melbourne. Every time you visit, we make sure you walk out satisfied with your experience, loving your look. Don’t let your dentist inject you – let us do the job far more elegantly. It’s what we do best!

We are expert cosmetic dermatologists.
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