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Top dermal filler treatment tips from the person doing your injections

Top dermal filler treatment tips from the person doing your injections
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Our expert dermatologists – the lovely people doing your injections at ENRICH Clinic in Melbourne – have a few tips for you before you embark on dermal filler treatments.

Our expert doctors walk with you through your dermal filler treatments, from start to finish, from evaluating your face to discussing what you want done. Our experienced, skilled injectors – only doctors – have some advice for you when considering dermal filler treatments.

We recommend visiting a Melbourne dermatologist clinic, instead getting injections in your face from a non-doctor.

#1. When considering costs, remember that a little filler goes a long way

A syringe of dermal filler can go quite far in facial treatment terms, so if you can only afford one syringe, a good injector will be able to make this go a long way. This is why having a skilled injector is really important – you don’t want to end up over-juiced, because you thought you needed more. You don’t. Start off slow and see how you like the different effects, and take the advice of your skilled, experienced, artful dermatologist injector.

Remember, it’s easier to add more later than it is to waste your dermal filler treatments by having to use the enzyme to get rid of an effect you don’t like (dissolving the filler) or not enjoying the look you’ve ended up with for six months. Get it right the first time.

#2. ‘Per unit’ is a trick – be aware!

Depending on the brand of dermal filler you get, one unit can mean a standard dose, which in some cases comparatively speaking, one unit may be required for one treatment, while the other brand may require three units to do the same thing.

#3. Follow the instructions for dermal filler treatments before- and after-care

Before you come in for your dermal filler treatments, you will need to abide by the guidelines for at least a week, if not two – no problem painkillers and no blood thinners like fish oils. This is to save you bruising – if you have taken these products, you are likely to bleed a lot more than you should have, due to thinner blood. Don’t forget you are injuring your skin with needle pricks, as tiny as they are, and damage to tissue causes very small amounts of bleeding.

After-care includes staying hydrated – your dermal filler treatment is a substance that absorbs a thousand times its weight in water, and staying hydrated means the effect of your treatments remains robust.

#4. You want to look like you when you walk out of our clinic

When people come into the clinic, they often have pictures of the lips or facial effect they have in mind, but each face is different and one size does not fit all. What makes you beautiful will be different to what makes the usual socialite suspects beautiful, so take the advice of your very experienced, skilled cosmetic dermatologist – they know their stuff inside out, and faces are what they do best.

Making your face lovelier is their desired outcome, not to give you a duck pout or rearrange your face unnaturally. Looking like yourself is the key to optimal, natural-looking dermal filler treatment outcomes.

Dermal filler treatments are one of our favourite things.
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