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Dermal fillers: replacing the knife with the needle

Dermal fillers: replacing the knife with the needle
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dermal filler injectionsThe ideas many of us have about dermal filler treatments can be somewhat antiquated, since dermal fillers of the past have not been anywhere near as versatile as they are now. New filler techniques and materials have really revolutionised the way we rejuvenate faces, replacing a lot of surgical techniques popular in the past. The humble dermal filler has come a long way.

In the past, people would wait until things deteriorated before they would seek cosmetic treatments, which often involved surgery. Now, we can address the signs of ageing before they appear, maintaining not only beautiful skin for longer, but a shapely structure of the face, head, and neck.

Nowadays, dermal fillers are more like routine maintenance than a major treatment. Each client has their own needs and desires, so treatments chosen vary considerably in this respect. The most common anti-ageing treatments include anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, which work synergistically to prevent development of wrinkles, while plumping, regenerating, and improving skin structure and tone.

Filler techniques have improved significantly

By injecting filler into specific areas of the face (temples, cheekbones, jaw) lost tissue can be ‘replaced’, restoring volume and lifting sagging skin. This immediately rejuvenates the face. This is a newer technique, whereas the older idea was to directly inject filler into problem areas. The new method produces more natural-looking results.

Using different fillers for different tasks

A treatment could include more than one type of filler, used in different areas for specific purposes. Deeper layers of skin can respond best to one type of filler, while middle layers and top layers may each have an appropriate filler material injected for optimal results. Lasers and anti-wrinkle injections can also be used, since fillers alone may not be appropriate.

Our Skin-Glow Program

Newer techniques with a series of very fine needles can offer rejuvenated skin all over the face, by injecting special concoctions of dermal filler preparations into specific layers of the skin, where the impact is regeneration of collagen and hydration. This rejuvenates the facial cells, offering a glow and freshness to the complexion. This treatment can be done over the entire body, including the backs of hands, feet, chest, arms, and back.

Filler materials are vastly improved

We now use very advanced dermal fillers, some that are reabsorbed by the body over a period of months, with others longer-lasting, depending on needs. Fillers each have their own consistency and properties, so are suitable for various areas of the face to create the desired improvements.

We have the most advanced injection methods and the best doctors.
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