Does fat freezing really work?

Fat freezing is a fat removal and body shaping treatment performed using the Cooltech. Fat freezing is a fat-cell removal treatment that works by dropping fat cells to a specific low temperature, where destruction of the cell occurs.

The body then removes the cells naturally over the next few months. For fat freezing to really work, you need a great practitioner who knows what they’re doing.

Yes, fat freezing really works!

Fat freezing treatments using the Cooltech machine get great results and really do work, but all fat-removal treatments come with some caveats.

Understanding the way fat works and how to manage your body post-treatments will help you get the most out of fat freezing well into the future and let’s not forget, everyone is unique and therefore can respond treatments in unique ways.

Benefits of fat freezing (Cooltech)

  • Non-invasive treatments
  • Multiple areas treated in one session for best results
  • Just one, two or three treatments required for fat freezing to work
  • No downtime
  • No pain
  • Relax during treatments – read, have a nap, listen to music or a podcast!

Understanding how fat cells work for best fat freezing results

Because at puberty we generally have as many fat cells as we’ll ever have, fat freezing – removal of fat cells – is an irreversible body shaping treatment. This will please many of you! Our fat-freezing device, the Cooltech, is an effective, non-invasive method for removal of unwanted fat from the body.

Fat cells are like water balloons – they expand and contract depending on the volume of their contents. A fat cell takes in fatty acids from the blood and stores them, with each fat cell capable of storing a significant amount of fatty acids. They can just keep expanding.

When your body transitions to using fat as an energy source (say for exercising or when fasting, like while you’re asleep), it chooses where to take fat from first and last. Some cells are slower to release their fatty acids than others.

When you eat, some foods can be turned into fatty acids and stored in a fat cell – the water in the water balloon. This means your fat cells are constantly managing the comings and goings of fatty acids, as per your energy requirements, while also saving up some fat for a rainy day.

This is your metabolism at work, managing your energy requirements.

Stored fat is extremely useful. A great example is if you become unwell and can’t eat much, your body has a store of energy to get it through hard times. This is why people tend to lose weight when they get sick.

Why some fat is very hard to shift

Some areas of our bodies tend to store more fat per fat cell, or have more fat cells in that area for storage.

In women, for example, the fat cells in the hips, thighs, and buttocks contain oestrogen-sensitive ‘switches’ that tell the body to not only store more fat in those areas, but to sparingly ‘spend’ it when oestrogen is present.

This can result in hard-to-shift fat in these areas. Fat cells are required for hormone conversions to maintain fertility, so the body is designed to hang on to some of that fat for a special occasion, like making a baby for instance,  even if this is not on your agenda.

The picture varies in men and menopausal women, since differing hormonal balance results in different fat storage patterns. Maintaining oestrogen levels for fertility in men and older women is not such a concern, and fat cells behave accordingly.

Everyone is a bit different in where fat is stored and how that relates to hormone activity, leaving some of us with immovable pockets of fat in certain areas. This is part genetics, part lifestyle and diet. Check out your same-sex relatives and see what the patterns are in their body shape, and you’ll see what you’re in for.

Gaining weight after fat freezing treatments – will fat freezing still work?

It’s still possible to gain fat after fat freezing, but the fat will be deposited into fat cells somewhere else on your body. This illustrates the importance of a healthy weight and diet before and after fat freezing treatments for best results.

Your fat freezing treatments at ENRICH will be performed so that, should you gain weight later, results will still be natural-looking on your frame. You may still gain weight around typical areas, but it won’t be as much. Instead, the extra fat will be spread around your body, possibly in a different pattern.

Gaining and losing weight is normal across a lifetime, and where you notice the fat deposits also varies with your changing hormonal states. Speak to your doctor at ENRICH about what you can expect if you gain or lose weight, for example during a pregnancy, and how this will affect fat freezing results.

It’s important to remember we are not removing all the fat from an area. We only remove a very select amount in a specific pattern so that your body maintains its natural curves. No fat isn’t the goal; more shapely fat is.

Why fat freezing gets results

Fat freezing works well as a body reshaping tool. Fat freezing is a body contouring treatment that can remove layers of fat off a certain area of your body, streamlining and accentuating your body’s natural curves.

For more comprehensive information on the process of fat freezing, check out this scientific review (Demosthenous, 2016).

The most popular areas to have fat freezing are:

  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Waist
  • Flanks
  • Abdomen
  • Belly
  • Back
  • Bra-line

Fat freezing is a tried and true fat-removal method that comes with an excellent safety profile and great results.

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