Does laser tattoo removal remove all of the ink?

There are several factors that affect the response of the ink to the laser. The colour, quality, depth and amount of ink used, as well as how long the tattoo has been there all play a part.

Aqua, green and white inks can be more challenging to remove, whereas blacks and reds tend to respond best.

Many tattoos will disappear completely, however there may be residual faded ink and textural changes in the skin. Scarring is very rare using the tattoo removal lasers at ENRICH Melbourne.

Cosmetic tattoo inks respond unpredictably and may even change colour after laser treatment, so it is important to advise the treating doctor if there are any areas that have had any cosmetic tattooing so the area can be avoided.

For this reason, we do not encourage laser tattoo removal of cosmetic tattoos, but this can be discussed with the doctor and a small test patch may be performed to assess response.

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