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Double chin liposuction results

Double chin liposuction results
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As the neck and chin age, the skin and  tissue starts to change its appearance. This might be because of facial movements, loss of collagen and elastin, or due to genes – you’ll notice others in your family with the same thing. One of the most common developments is a double chin, where the chin seems to connect to the bottom of the neck, with fat in between.

You may start to notice your double chin appearing in photos, and that’s when you start wondering what it is you can do about it. Liposuction can be a really useful option, but it’s not the only one – we have other treatments for double chins (like the ThermiTight).

How a double chin is comprised
A double chin is often made up of fat plus sagging skin. Over time, the double chin can start as a small pocket  of fat that you can touch and pinch, then develops into a full-blown double chin. A double chin often has no relationship to weight, but losing a lot of weight can cause the skin to seem saggy.  The neck can become a casualty.

The double chin liposuction procedure
The liposuction surgery on the chin is straightforward, and the recovery is quick. You can start to enjoy your new neckline much sooner than other types of liposuction, since only a small  amount of fat is removed. We may combine this with skin-tightening treatments to retract the skin more thoroughly.

Results after removing a double chin
A double chin can make you look older than you are or feel. Losing the sharp jawline can soften the entire face, leading to us looking older and more tired than we might like. Chin and neck sculpting can rejuvenate the face in a way that no other treatment can, by defining the jaw.

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