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Dr. Sandy Fieldhouse


Dr Sandy Fieldhouse graduated from Monash University in 1991. As an undergraduate, she was awarded the Memorial Bryan Hudson Prize for Excellence in Medicine and the Simms International Foundation Medical Scholarship, giving her an opportunity to study and work in Africa.

Dr Fieldhouse has a background in Emergency Medicine and General Practice. She also maintains a mental health practice.

Having worked in Cosmetic Medicine for 16 years, Dr Fieldhouse’s extensive training and experience includes the use of anti-wrinkle injectionsdermal fillers/ and lasers for the treatment of multiple skin conditions including facial redness and capillaries, pigmentation, skin tone and texture and tattoo removal. Dr Fieldhouse also believes in the importance of good skin care.

Recent advanced training in the treatment of leg veins, including spider veins, has added to Dr Fieldhouse’s experience with sclerotherapy.

Dr Fieldhouse believes it is important to assess and meet each individual’s needs and takes a holistic approach with each individual. She believes results should be achieved with subtle approaches to enhance and soften appearances naturally.

Together with her colleagues, Dr Fieldhouse is also strongly committed to ongoing training and professional development so that the ENRICH Clinic can continue to offer the most up-to-date, safe and effective treatments to all patients.

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