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Drying up excessive sweating – Melbourne clinic treatment options

Drying up excessive sweating – Melbourne clinic treatment options
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We have state-of-the-art technology for treating excessive sweating – also known as hyperhidrosis – at our Melbourne clinic. Our hyperhidrosis treatments are long-lasting and will keep you sweat-free when it counts.

Having some kind of armpit sweat protection is important for most of us, since sweat tends to smell, make our clothes wet, and can be embarrassing. Traditional antiperspirants aren’t without their flaws, since most contain aluminium, and can actually make your armpits feel congested, often still smell and feel funny after a shower, and upset your normal microbial balance.

Deodorants don’t stop sweat, but are used to mask the odour of sweat. This does not stop hyperhidrosis. Natural deodorants have some benefits – no aluminium, no strange after-smell or feel to the armpits – but they aren’t useful to stop sweat either, natural or not. Plus, they have their limitations on just how much sweat they can alter the odour of. If you are drenched, you can bet that your nice smelling natural deodorant is long gone, washed away in the tidal wave of sweat.

Finding the right armpit sweat solution for you is a personal thing. Many people are fine with just a regular antiperspirant, but many of you hyperhidrosis sufferers out there will roll your eyes and scoff at the thought of that being enough. You need something stronger, and hopefully longer lasting than that.

The MiraDry non-invasive radiofrequency treatment for hyperhidrosis

This is where our newest hyperhidrosis technology comes into play – the MiraDry radiofrequency device, to zap your armpit sweat glands, disabling them forever. Over 80 per cent of your sweating can disappear after just one treatment at our Melbourne clinic.

It is natural and normal to sweat, so having just 20 per cent capacity left should please many of you. Those who want dry armpits (even at the gym) may need another round of radiofrequency hyperhidrosis treatment.

We also have neuromodulators (the most famous anti-wrinkle injection) to stop the nerve signals that tell your sweat glands to sweat up a storm. The injection stops nerves from firing, and so the signal can’t get through, armpits staying dry. These hyperhidrosis injections last for about four months.

The process of having the neuromodulating injections for hyperhidrosis

After a consultation, your armpits are drawn on in a felt-tip pen, which shows your doctor where to put the injections. This is a systematic set of instructions so there are no double ups and no mistakes. Numbing cream is applied, and the injections are performed, which usually takes about half an hour. This application of the neuromodulating substance is quite extensive compared to its other wrinkle-prevention uses, so expect to pay a bit more than you might for regular anti-ageing injections.

You can expect these hyperhidrosis injections to be painless, tiny pin pricks sometimes with stinging a little deeper. These injections go into deeper tissue than on the face, due to the proximity of our target glands in the armpit area. After the injections, you may feel some bruising or pain, but it may just feel normal. You will need to wait about a week for the dry armpit effects to occur.

Remember, you may still need to apply some natural deodorant to your armpit, as there are still glands that produce other types of odours unrelated to sweat. Keeping your armpits clean and fresh will still be something you need to do with either of these treatments, but you will not need to worry about hyperhidrosis.

We have the best hyperhidrosis treatments in Melbourne.
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