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Effective cellulite removal and prevention

Effective cellulite removal and prevention
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Getting rid of cellulite has been a full-time job for some people, so there are a great deal of novel, ineffective, and mythical treatments out there. There are only a handful that have been shown to actually work, and out of those, not all treatments have been created equally useful or long-lasting. Longevity in treatments has been an ongoing issue for those battling cellulite.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. It just means there are going to be other things you need to do to attack cellulite. Eating a healthy diet and being well hydrated is a good place to start, as is doing resistance weight training to build muscle. Next, you can try some of the treatments that do work.

Treatments that have been shown to offer some benefit include radiofrequency devices like the ThermiRF and the Ultraformer, an ultrasonic device. They work by stimulating collagen, tightening, and improving the surface of the skin and the lower layers.

Keeping cellulite at bay when you are not at the clinic

RF and other treatments can be a great way to firm up thighs or buttocks, and keep cellulite at a minimum, but it’s not the only thing you can do. Since cellulite is not only a normal part of being human, but also heavily related to good circulation and healthy hormone levels, you can do your body a favour and eat well, sleep well, get a massage every now and again, and exercise regularly to keep the blood pumping and your hormones moving.


Healthy eating means plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy protein options, and plenty of water to wash it all through. Keeping excess fat out of the diet can keep cells from accumulating too much stored energy, and reduce cellulite that way.


Exercising regularly is excellent for boosting your circulation, but increasing muscle tone in the areas you have the most cellulite can help firm the skin, improving contours.


Because of the action of the hormones we know are linked to cellulite (oestrogen, insulin, noradrenaline, thyroid hormones and prolactin), keeping blood sugar stable, the bowels moving, and your stress response in check are all important steps to managing cellulite.

Insulin is related to blood sugar, many hormones are excreted in part via the bowels including oestrogen, and stress causes stress hormones to be released. These steps are all part of a healthy life, and usually not to remove cellulite per se, but they do help in their small ways.

Your underwear

It has also been suggested that not wearing tight-fitting underwear is useful, so g-strings, boyshorts or loose underwear may be suitable options.

ThermiRF, Slimspec, Ultraformer III

These state-of-the-art machines have what it takes to clear out some of your cellulite. They each work slightly differently, but in essence, they tighten and firm skin, clear out fluids, break down stiff connective tissue, and increase blood flow. This means less cellulite. We use these machines as part of our CelluFix cellulite treatment program.

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