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Eliminating fat and tightening skin with the ThermiRF – how it works

Eliminating fat and tightening skin with the ThermiRF – how it works
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The ThermiRF machine has a function whereby we can dissolve or ‘melt’ fat using heat treatments injected into the treatment area.

How it works
A tumescent solution (anaesthetic and other special ingredients) is injected into the treatment area to set up the area for the ThermiRF probe. Each layer of skin requires different settings of the machine, since different cells respond differently to temperature.

The subdermal layer needs tightening and collagen synthesis, so heat between 50 and 55°C is introduced. Fat requires temperatures of about 55 to 65°C to be ‘dissolved’.

When treating the face, the tumescent solution may be injected in several places, depending on the structure of the face, including into any fat deposits. This treatment is painless, since anaesthetic is in the tumescent liquid. The probe is then inserted to apply the heat treatment to the cells.

The treatment for the face and body using ThermiTight
The device probe is blunt, and is inserted and withdrawn slowly via the cannula (a skinny tube). The heating must be completed, which is why the process is slow. If the probe is left in too long, it could burn, so slow in and out is the best, safest, most effective method. Short cannulas are used on the face, and longer ones in the body.

Treatment around the eyes and face using ThermiRase
The ThermiRase uses shorter probes and much higher temperatures (75°C), due to the target tissue being nerves. The nerves are mapped out, then local anaesthetic is injected. This treatment acts like muscle-relaxant anti-wrinkle injections in that it reduces muscle movement, but it also tightens the skin. This is different to the ThermiTight, because it doesn’t target skin or fat, but the frontal branch of facial nerves.

The nerves are tested by introducing a small electric current that causes them to twitch, which after the treatment is tested again to make sure the treatment worked, when the nerve no longer twitches. Results of the ThermiRase last for about a year. This treatment can have some inconvenient downtime with swelling, which can be up to a month since it is typically applied around the eyes and is obvious.

Any RF device comes with a risk of burns, which is why the ThermiRF machine has built-in self-regulating controls in place, plus several feedback options for the practitioner. The practitioner will also observe other external factors, like how warm the room is, when assessing temperature.

The electrodes used on the body, beneath the skin, are very fine, and those with very fibrous tissue may need alternate cannulas to be used.

Swelling after this procedure can last for up to two weeks. Ice packs and pressure garments may be required. The area should feel tight and partially numb immediately, however this should subside over time.

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