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The most common questions we get about anti-wrinkle injections

The most common questions we get about anti-wrinkle injections
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Anti-wrinkle injections have been on the market for over a decade now, having been proved as a safe and effective anti-ageing tool. Many people still don’t know that much about these injections, so we’ve taken the time to provide extensive treatment information.

For specific treatment information, see our treatment page.

How much do anti-wrinkle injections cost?
This is typically the first question, and rightly so. If you are being expected to repeat these treatments to prevent wrinkles over a lifetime, it’s going to add up, so being economical about it is prudent. Anti-wrinkle injections are typically in the low to mid hundreds of dollars per dose. Each dose is likely to be calculated in the millilitres, but talk to your preferred clinic and ask about rates.

You will need a consultation, since the products are prescription-only and it is required by law – maybe anti-wrinkle injections are not what you need.

Will I look natural afterwards?
You pay for the expertise and artful eye of your cosmetic dermatologist, who is highly trained in doing just enough of the injections so that your face still looks and moves more or less naturally, but the wrinkles are prevented from forming. Not being able to express yourself or get your feelings across is not the point, and in fact if that is the outcome, change cosmetic clinics. A skilled injector works their magic so you get a natural looking and feeling result.

Does brand matter?
There are some famous and not so famous brands of anti-wrinkle injections. Your cosmetic dermatologist probably has their favourite, so follow their lead. The ingredient is the same.

Are anti-wrinkle injections safe?
Yes, anti-wrinkle injections have an excellent safety record and because they are temporary, any negative side effects that may develop (usually due to inexperienced injectors) will wear off over time.

Do anti-wrinkle injections hurt?
It will feel like a pinch, however you may have some anaesthetic cream or ice applied prior to your treatments to numb the area.

What is recovery like?
You can continue with your regular activities immediately after, though you might experience some bruising or swelling at the injection sites.

How long until I see results?
Anti-wrinkle injections take a couple of weeks to show their full effect, but you will notice a difference soon after treatments.

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