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The perfect shave

The perfect shave

The perfect shave Melbourne dermatologistThere are so many razors and shaving accessories on the market, but how many of them contribute to the perfect shave? 

Turns out, it’s more about how you prepare to shave and your technique, rather than the tools you use, so forget expensive gimmicks, and work on how you’re shaving. You’ll need to practise to get the perfect shave, and you’ll make lots of mistakes – that’s how you get better, and eventually, have expert technique.

Here are some guidelines to adhere to.

Expert Shaving Tip #1. Wet your skin and hair to make it softer

Shaving right after a shower is a great idea – your skin is warm, wet, and free from oils and dead skin cells that could get stuck in your razor.

Expert Shaving Tip #2. Use foaming shaving cream

Dry or sensitive skins should look for shaving foams that state they are for sensitive skin on the label. You don’t need a lot of shaving foam, applied in a circular motion with your fingers or a shaving brush. Why use a shaving brush? It lifts the hairs up so they stick in the foam and are completely coated, making them easier to shave off.

Expert Shaving Tip #3. Don’t shave as soon as you put the shaving cream on your face

Wait a few minutes, particularly for thick or coarse hair. This gives the shaving cream time to soak into the hair, making it softer. The softer the hair, the better the shave. Do something else while you wait – make a coffee, brush your teeth. Set a timer if you need to.

Expert Shaving Tip #4. Shave in the direction of hair growth

This helps avoid razor burn, bumps and redness accidentally caused by shaving the top of a pore off.

Expert Shaving Tip #5. Rinse your razor after each swipe

And once you’ve used your razor between 5-7 times, throw away disposable razors and change your blade to avoid shaving with a blunt razor. Blunt razors make you push harder, increasing the risk of cuts and razor burn.

Expert Shaving Tip #6. Rinse your face with cold water after your shave

This helps reduce inflammation. Apply a moisturiser with a sunscreen in it, to help provide a moisture barrier and protection from UV to avoid premature ageing. Dry, sunburnt skin is your enemy.

Expert Shaving Tip #7. Keep your razor dry

This helps keep bacteria out of your blade and off your raw face during a shave.

Expert Shaving Tip #8. If you keep getting razor bumps or burn or ingrown hairs, try a different razor

Sometimes a blade can shave too close to your skin, particularly multi-blade razors. Try a razor with fewer blades, don’t pull your skin taut while shaving, and if you keep having issues, see a dermatologist for advice. (Or, grow a beard!)

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