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Fade out your stretch-marks with new technology

Fade out your stretch-marks with new technology
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stretch mark treatments melbourneStretch marks can be vastly diminished using one or more special technologies that work on the cells that make up your skin – and scar tissue. By the time you have stretch marks, it’s too late to prevent them, so working on damage control is all we have. The sooner you get onto your stretch marks, the better the results, particularly if you are young and your skin is still very elastic. There is plenty that can be done.

Stretch marks are made of collagen, and are essentially a scar that is created when the skin is stretched before it has a chance to catch up with its own slower stretching and growth. This tends to happen during puberty, pregnancy, and fast weight or muscle gain. The most common areas for stretch marks to appear are the hips and breasts, but any area of the body that can expand quickly can be affected in both men and women.

How we fade stretch marks
There are several high-tech devices that help us to fade stretch marks. These include lasers and radiofrequency devices. The goal of the treatment, and which device is chosen, will depend on the stretch marks – how large, what colour, and where they are located, as well as your aesthetic goals.

How to fade stretch marks using lasers
Lasers use energy to break up layers of skin to get to the skin underneath without causing scarring. They act on the top layers first, then as the new layers emerge, the laser penetrates. Lasers can be used to help remove scar tissue, leaving fresh (or rejuvenated) skin underneath, sans the scar or stretch mark, or part of it.

How to fade stretch marks using radiofrequency devices
The aim is to denature (break up) the collagen in the scar using radiofrequencies, but also to trigger the production of more collagen. This effectively ‘remodels’ the scar tissue so it is less apparent.

How to fade stretch marks using LED therapy
LED therapy uses light to stimulate the collagen underneath the skin, including in and around the stretch marks. This results in improved appearance of the skin, less redness of stretch marks, and increased skin firmness.

Your stretch marks are unique to you, and this means your treatment will be too.
We have the equipment and skills.
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