Fat freezing away your double chin

Fat freezing can be used to remove smaller pockets of unwanted fat, including successfully treating a double chin. Double chin treatments are comfortable, non-invasive, and effective at reducing fat and improving the profile of the chin and neck.

For those of you for whom liposuction is not an option, fat freezing can provide a suitable in-clinic alternative. There is no need for surgery of any kind: no needles, no suction, no anaesthetic. You just lay back and have the fat melted away.

How does fat freezing work?

Fat is susceptible to lower temperatures than other types of tissue and skin, so during treatments, fat cells burst while other tissue remains unharmed. The fat cell wall splits open, emptying its contents, and your body scavenges the waste and processes it like it would any other damaged cell.

Fat freezing isn’t instant, because this natural cell scavenging process takes weeks to be completed, so you will have to wait for results to appear.

How much fat can fat freezing remove?

Fat freezing can reduce up to 20 per cent of fat in any given area after just one treatment, but results will vary depending on your individual body. The result is a more toned-looking neck profile, with the chin and neck area more streamlined.

Recently a fat freezing device was approved in the United States for use removing or reducing double chins. The trial involved a four-month study, which ultimately revealed that 77 per cent of patients showed improved appearance of lax double chin tissue, and 75 per cent of patients reported their chin looked more toned after just one treatment.

Fat freezing versus liposuction

At ENRICH Clinic in Melbourne, we have a variety of fat removal devices and methods. Which method is chosen will depend largely on what your problem area is, how much fat is to be removed, and what state your health is in. Some of you will not be good candidates for liposuction for a variety of reasons, despite liposuction on the double chin area being a very quick, effective treatment. This leaves fat freezing as a viable option.

Fat freezing is a slower treatment compared to liposuction, since liposuction sucks the fat out during the treatment. When performing liposuction on a double chin, swelling is very minor and results can be seen quickly. There is almost no bruising or downtime due to the methods Dr Michael Rich uses for liposuction.

Fat freezing may be most suitable for those of you who are afraid of needles, can’t afford any downtime at all, and those who want a non-invasive treatment.

Do fat freezing treatments actually freeze your fat?

No fat cells are actually physically frozen, but the cells are taken down to a lower temperature than they can survive in, causing the cells to rupture. Once a fat cell is broken apart, it can’t repair itself so will never appear on your body again.

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