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Fat transfer for breast augmentation gets better results than implants alone

Fat transfer for breast augmentation gets better results than implants alone
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It appears that fat grafting techniques, where your own fat is transplanted to a new area of your body, are superior to breast implants alone because they offer a more natural-looking cleavage.

Note: ENRICH Clinic in Melbourne does fat grafting, but we do not perform breast implants.

When having breast augmentation, the ‘separated breasts’ look can develop, making it more obvious that work has been undertaken to enhance the appearance of the breasts. In a study of almost 60 women, 38 had conventional breast implant surgery, while 21 had breast implants plus fat grafting, with the results clearly in favour of those who had both implants and fat grafting.

The fat for the grafting is harvested from another area of the body, like the thighs or abdomen, with the fat treated, then carefully placed along the inner borders of the breasts. This enhances the shape of the breasts, allowing a more natural look by softening the cleavage area between the breastbone and the edges of the implants.

The area between the breasts is typically graduated in natural breasts, with breast implants creating a harder edge where you can see the implant border, especially in thin women. This results in a greater space between the breasts that in natural breasts, reducing the impact of lovely, natural-looking breasts. Adding fat to these edges allows for the graduated look, and a smaller space between breasts, enhancing the cleavage.

Fat grafting is really taking off in cosmetic surgery and dermatology, as it offers a more natural substance to use as a filler, though techniques vary between practitioners. The fat looks and feels like normal tissue, because it is. Fat transfers are becoming more and more popular for use in lips, cheeks, buttocks and wrinkles, as fat is reasonably easy to harvest, and women tend to have an ample supply. Such a small amount is required for most treatments that it’s a very small, simple harvesting procedure.

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