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How we feel about fake-looking lips vs natural-looking lips

How we feel about fake-looking lips vs natural-looking lips
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There is a lot of research on what good proportions look like when it comes to lip fillers and lip augmentation, but not much on what a pair of overcooked lips looks like. A research survey asked participants to look at photographs and see how much was too much when it came to lip fillers, and how we determined that point.

Good lip filler treatments result in a natural-looking pair of lips – the upper and lower lip are evenly enhanced and it looks natural. This is easy to observe in a 2-dimensional photograph, unlike other overdone cosmetic procedures, which may require 3-dimensional views to ascertain if the person has overdone it or not. This means it was an easy experiment to do.

Participants – 76 women and 22 men – were asked to rate photos of a model’s lips that had been digitally altered incrementally. That is, the upper and/or the lower lip was adjusted, along with the shape of the Cupid’s bow.

The threshold between natural-looking and artificial-looking lips was small. The upper lip had a narrower margin for looking fake than when both the upper and lower lips were altered.

Younger people perceived the natural and attractive lips to be bigger than the older people, and it was discovered that an overdone upper lip can be corrected by overdoing the bottom lip equally, so long as the lower lip is 1.6 times the height of the upper lip.

But as you might have guessed, the height of the lips doesn’t determine if they are attractive or artificial alone – the whole rest of our face matters, including cultural and ethnic cues. The researchers surmised that, although it wasn’t in their study, we would have different cultural and ethical ideas about lips if we tweaked the study.

Lip fillers: what do perfect lips look like?

This is a big question and thankfully there is no real right or wrong answer. Lips can look beautiful no matter what we were born with, and they usually match our faces and belong to one of our parents.

When you are considering lip fillers as a procedure, you will need to decide what it is you’re after, but more importantly, how that will match your face. Your cosmetic dermatologist is not going to get excited about giving you outrageous lips that are clearly fake – it makes them look bad. They want you to walk out with beautiful lips that simply suit you. They are your real lips, but enhanced. That’s the art of lip fillers: making the most of what you’ve got.

Having proportioned lips seems to be the way to go when it comes to lip fillers, so check out your lips – the vermillion border, your Cupid’s bow, the shape of each lip, and the ratio of your lips to one another – and think about what look you are going for. Or, just go in and see your Melbourne-based cosmetic dermatologist and they will know instantly what to do with your lips when it comes to lip fillers. It’s their job!

Lip fillers can really add a new dimension to your lips, and luckily, they are temporary, so you can switch and change with your styles, and add to the treatments as you age.

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