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Finding the perfect aesthetic for female lips

Finding the perfect aesthetic for female lips
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The average ‘ideal’ Caucasian lips are usually in a 1:2 ratio: the lower lip is twice as big as the upper lip, with lip injections typically increasing total lip surface area by 50 per cent. In practice, however, lips come in a variety of ratios that fit in with the face they are on, and look attractive. The rules are bendy.

Researching attractiveness – it’s not as easy as it looks

Facial attractiveness research is incredibly difficult, since not only are we all entirely subjective in what we find beautiful, but what’s beautiful in different cultures also varies incredibly. Most people can look at a face and tell you whether they find it attractive or not, but this has more to do with biological cues that reflect health and fertility, rather than the much-discussed symmetry and ratios, though they do matter. What we pick up on subconsciously is quite different to what we think we see.

Using digital images to get the perfect ratio

A study undertaken to discover some of these clues to attractiveness used synthetic morphs of face-on digital images of 20 Caucasian women aged 18-25 to generate five varied lip surfaces for each face. Then the 100 faces were ranked by attractiveness.

Four variants were then created for the 15 highest-ranking faces, to create another 60 faces. The upper and lower lip ratios for these 60 faces were then rated by over 400 people to vote on their attractiveness.

But what about Victoria’s Secret models?

The next discussion was of Victoria’s Secret models, who fit into both the 1:2 ratio and the 1:1 ratio of lips. Victoria’s Secret models are famous the world over for their facial attractiveness, and fit into both profiles, making it obvious that facial attractiveness cannot be put down to a single formula.

The whole face is greater than the sum of its parts, with each of us having unique facial features that fit together as a unique team, rather than trying to puzzle together ‘identikit’ features that look like someone else’s. ‘Ideal ratios’ are not set in concrete, only used as guidelines.

The best pair of lips are the pair that suits the face they are on, no matter what their ratio is. If you have the ‘perfect’ ratio for a pair of lips, but they are plonked onto the wrong shaped face, you end up with an unnatural-looking face. This is not the goal of cosmetic procedures, which aim to balance facial features. Lip injections are just one way we go about doing that.

Over-injecting lips – this never happens at our Melbourne clinic

Over-injecting of the lips, both upper and lower, remains a problem at some clinics, with the idea that ‘more is better’ when this is rarely true. Some women are after the pouty look they see on some Hollywood beauties, but these lips rarely suit their faces. It’s a cosmetic dermatologist’s job to advise on the best sense of balance in features, for optimal lip injection outcomes.

Lip injections – the new normal – Melbourne clinic

Lip injections have been around for some time, but new lip fillers used for lip injections are better than ever at looking natural, feeling normal, and creating a more balanced face. Lip injections are temporary, meaning you will need repeat treatments, but the lip injection filler naturally absorbs into your body, harmlessly and without effect, while leaving you with more beautiful lips.

We love lips.
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