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Fitting into knee-highs – calf liposuction

Fitting into knee-highs – calf liposuction
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  • Fitting into knee-highs – calf liposuction

Some women have trouble getting their large calves into knee-high boots, which are often made with the slim-calved woman in mind. This alone does not warrant getting surgery to correct it, but it’s another reason to consider calf-reduction liposuction as a legitimate body-shaping option to solve the large-calves problem.

Some women aren’t too fond of their large calves, which may appear out of proportion to the rest of their leg or give the impression of thick legs. Large calves can be a cold slap when the weather or occasion calls for anything leg-revealing.

Calf liposuction is not a weight-loss tool; it’s for people who, despite being healthy and exercising, have calf fat that won’t budge. If you have muscular calves, you’re out of luck – liposuction only works on fat deposits. That means if you’re into bikes or running, your calves will probably have too much muscle.

Calf liposuction – the surgery
As with any surgery, calf liposuction isn’t necessarily a walk in the park. It’s an invasive surgery – though not as invasive as it used to be – and comes with its own set of risks.

Newer tumescent techniques mean those risks are reduced, but you don’t just whip in and whip out of liposuction. It takes months for the swelling to go down and your ‘new’ calves to be revealed to the waiting public.

How we do liposuction on your calves
Tiny little tubes (micro-cannulas) are inserted at various places on your calf, the special tumescent liquid is inserted to soften the fat and minimise bleeding, then the fat is sucked out.

You’ll need to wear compression garments for several months, which means no knee-highs until next season. It might also mean doing this during the cooler months is a better idea.

Your surgeon needs to know what he or she is doing, since body-shaping is as much art as science. Knowing what your leg will look like in three months when the swelling goes down is their job, and impossible for you to know until the time comes. Having an experienced surgeon you trust really does matter.

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