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Flank, hip and thigh liposuction show ‘excellent’ cosmetic results, surgeons say

Flank, hip and thigh liposuction show ‘excellent’ cosmetic results, surgeons say
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Flank liposuction MelbourneSurgeons across the globe have reported excellent results and low complication rates of hip, flank and thigh liposuction.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal paper examined the joint experience of surgeons globally in modern liposuction techniques for contouring of the lower body. Two surgeons in particular reported their liposuction experiences in the paper – an Italian surgeon, Dr Manual Francesco, and a Chinese surgeon, Dr Yixin Zhang.

Their techniques and outcomes are evaluated across over 4,000 liposuction patients, with just one patient requiring post-liposuction antibiotics. The surgeons report that liposculpture ‘is a very sophisticated method that goes beyond the simple aspiration of adipose tissue and allows the surgeon to modify the shape of the body and recontour the profile’.

One of the key elements they describe is not only removing fat, but guiding skin retraction afterwards, which dictates how the skin sits. Some techniques include thinning the skin somewhat, so it retracts better to adapt to its new shape. This may be especially important when it comes to large-volume liposuction, where a lot of fat is removed at one time. The skin, they say, should not be considered a passive element, but an active structural component.

Cosmetic results of liposuction at our Melbourne clinic

Dr Michael Rich at ENRICH Clinic in Melbourne is a liposuction pioneer, having extensively studied, practised and taught liposuction over his 30 years in clinical practice as a cosmetic dermatologist specialising in liposuction. Dr Rich’s expertise is broad-ranging. Dr Rich speaks on the world stage regarding liposuction techniques and trains other doctors to perform the procedure to high standards. Complications for liposuction are at an all-time low globally.

Smooth, lasting results

Dr Rich uses the tumescent liposuction technique in his Melbourne clinic, using a special liquid then tiny tubes (cannulas) underneath the skin to suction out the fat. This technique is safe and effective, offering very smooth results.

The tumescent fluid fills up the area to be treated so it becomes firm, making it much easier to get smooth, natural-looking results. The special fluid is also the anaesthetic, which works to quell blood flow – this results in less bruising and swelling. Recovery times are decreased using proper technique, which is why having an excellent liposuction practitioner is key to satisfying outcomes.

Liposuction is a long-lasting solution to unwanted fatty deposits, but it is not a solution for weight loss per se. Liposuction is a body-shaping tool, and can’t help you with a poor diet or lack of exercise. In fact, if you are very unhealthy, you may not be a good candidate for liposuction.

The best candidates for liposuction have a healthy, sustainable weight (no yo-yo dieting) and exercise regime, but unwanted fatty deposits, for example, extra arm, thigh or back fat. Breast reductions via liposuction are an excellent use of the procedure, since women can drop half the volume of their breasts in one treatment, getting a slight breast lift at the same time. Men can have chest tissue reduced the same way, and redefine muscles and significantly reduce abdominal fat. We can treat double chins, calves, ankles, arms, bellies, breasts, backs and necks with liposuction.

As Dr Rich says, if you can pinch it, you can lipo it!

Liposuction has many facets.

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