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Gastric bypass surgery reduces psoriasis in some people

Gastric bypass surgery reduces psoriasis in some people
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A new study took a closer look at the effect of gastric bypass surgery on those suffering with psoriasis. Incredibly, gastric bypass surgery was associated with more than a 50 per cent drop in psoriasis symptoms, with a 70 per cent decrease in the incidence of psoriatic arthritis. Gastric banding did not have the same impact, in fact showing no change.

The researchers weren’t sure why this incredible effect was set in motion, but speculated that it could be the differences in weight loss and nutrient uptake, and differences in the post-surgical secretion of a number of gut hormones, including glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1).

Psoriasis and obesity strongly correlate with one another, with weight loss causing a subsequent drop in psoriatic symptoms. Gastric bypass was associated with a 48 per cent drop in the incidence of any type of psoriasis, with about a 56 per cent drop in the rate of severe psoriasis, and a 71 per cent drop in the rate of psoriatic arthritis. Gastric banding was not linked at all with any such success.

So what’s the difference between gastric bypass surgery and gastric banding? Gastric bypass diverts nutrients to the small intestine where GLP-1 is secreted, while gastric banding is a purely restrictive procedure that puts a band around the stomach to stop overeating and force weight loss, ultimately still providing a normally functioning digestive tract.

These findings will provide fodder for further research into the causes of psoriasis, which may be more involved in the gut than once believed. This inflammatory autoimmune condition appears to have multiple facets that must be taken into account for proper treatment, including diet.

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