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How to get the most out of your laser tattoo removal

How to get the most out of your laser tattoo removal
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Laser tattoo removal tattoo removal treatmentsis an imperfect process, but it’s getting faster, less painful and more effective as each new tattoo removal laser appears on the market. At ENRICH, we use the PiQ04 laser, which is the best tattoo removal laser available. It’s twice as fast as other machines, and far more comfortable.

How does laser tattoo removal work? 

The laser beam breaks up the ink into tiny fragments, which are then reabsorbed by your body.

Important thing #1 – Manage your expectations

Your tattoo was designed to be there forever, so manage your expectations when it comes to how quickly it’s going to come off and how much of it will be removed. Some colours (white, we’re looking at you) are nearly impossible to take off and some tattoos can leave a shadow on the skin.

Important thing #2 – Laser tattoo removal is a slow process

The nature of the breaking up of the ink particles then their slow reabsorption means it’s slow to happen. First it will fade, then in most cases with our PiQ04 laser, the full tattoo will completely disappear without scarring or marks. You will be left with your regular skin. Each colour will need to be treated separately, and a period of healing time left between sessions of the same colour.

If your tattoo is multicoloured, you can do laser tattoo removal on one colour per week or fortnight, but each section of coloured tattooed skin will need many weeks between treatments to heal up. Your tattoos may require more or less laser tattoo removal treatments – small tattoos in plain black will need the least number of treatments, whereas a large, multicoloured tattoo will need many. Only your consultation with us will reveal the extent of laser sessions required, where we can provide you with an estimate.

Important thing #3 – Location, location, location

The area your tattoo is on does matter when it comes to laser tattoo removal success. Legs and arms are the slowest areas for tattoos to fade, since the tattoo particles have more distance from the heart to travel. Scavenging is done less frequently the further you get from the heart, so the closer the tattoo is to good circulation, the faster it will disappear. Ankles, for example, are slow, whereas a chest tattoo will be faster.

Important thing #4 – Your tattoo artist matters

The tattoo itself – colours, inks, depth – is an important ingredient in its removal. If the tattoo is very deep, the process will take longer, which is typically the case with professional tattoos. The point of a good tattoo is that it stays put and retains as much of its colour and character as possible over time, so a good tattooist ensures this by using good-quality inks and making the tattoo the right depth.

Amateur tattoos can be easier to remove, though an unsteady or wavering depth can prove unexpectedly challenging.

Important thing #5 – Your tattoo removalist’s laser matters a lot

The laser your tattoo removalist uses is of the utmost importance. All lasers are not created equal, and anyone using an older or ill-equipped laser for your tattoo will not do a good job of removing it. It will be painful and take an age, costing you far more than the use of a modern, picosecond laser that is well-equipped to manage even the most colourful tattoos on the darkest of skins.

We use the PiQ04 picosecond laser, which is one of only a few in Australia. This is one of the best lasers for removing tattoos, and we love it! If that’s not enough, we have the most extensive range of state-of-the-art lasers at our disposal to utilise, unlike your garage laser tattoo removalist, who might even be using an ineffective IPL machine.

Educate yourself on the lasers available and choose your practitioner wisely. It matters in many ways, but not insignificantly, in your wallet.

Let us remove your tattoos safely, quickly and comfortably.

Our Melbourne clinic is well equipped.
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