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Hair loss after a baby: why it happens and what to do about it

Hair loss after a baby: why it happens and what to do about it
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Many of you will notice hair loss after having a baby, due to hormonal changes – another thing nobody told you. This can be challenging to accept (and was probably a surprise), but don’t worry, it will grow back.

When your body sheds oestrogen post-birth, you also shed hair. This often happens several months post-birth, with a peak a few weeks after your hair starts to fall out. By your child’s first birthday, however, you should have your lovely locks back.

What you can do about hair loss in the meantime?

  • Use thickening shampoos to bolster the appearance of your hair
  • Don’t use 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner combos, as they are usually heavy on conditioner that can weigh your hair down
  • Buy conditioner for fine hair – they won’t weigh your hair down
  • Avoid conditioner that says ‘intensive’ – they will weigh your hair down
  • Use conditioner mostly just on the ends and avoid the scalp – this reduces any conditioner-caused weight
  • Get a haircut – short hair bounces out and up more readily than longer hair, which carries its own weight with gravity. Find a good hairdresser who can help you.
  • Worst-case scenario, invest in some gorgeous scarves and hats and learn how to rock it

What to do if you hair doesn’t grow back?

If you have a significant amount of hair loss or it doesn’t grow back as you might expect, you’ll need to make an appointment with your doctor or dermatologist to see what’s happening. Sometimes there are hormonal complications that may require a team effort with your doctors to sort out. If it’s a hormonal problem that has not been resolved, you may need some extra support to figure out the cause and get back on track.

And don’t worry. It will grow back.

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