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Hand rejuvenation at ENRICH Clinic – Cosmetic surgery in Melbourne

Hand rejuvenation at ENRICH Clinic – Cosmetic surgery in Melbourne
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hand rejuvenation

Whilst we’re all well versed in protecting the skin on our face and neck with sunscreen and hats, our hands tend to be constantly exposed and working hard. Increased exposure means that the hands can be the first part of the body to show the effects of ageing, such as changes in skin texture, pigmentation and volume loss.

ENRICH Clinic is home to skilled and experienced doctors and dermatologists, all highly trained in advanced lasers and treatments for hand rejuvenation.

Laser – Fraxel and Genesis

Laser treatments such as Fraxel and Genesis Laser can assist in rejuvenating and revitalising the skin on the hands by improving tone and texture. As well as boosting collagen production and tightening the skin, these lasers also address the appearance of pigmentation as a result of sun exposure.

Dermal filler

Not just reserved for the face and lips, dermal fillers can help to replace lost volume and smooth wrinkles by plumping and filling the skin the hands and helping to hide the appearance of prominent veins. Dermal fillers also add hydration, improving the look and feel of the skin in the treated area.

Sun protection  

Of course, the best skin care is 50 plus sunscreen and that goes for any part of the body, any time of the year. Consider incorporating hand cream with sun protection into your daily regime to protect against incidental sun exposure during the day. The hands are one of the parts of the body that reflect age and sun spots and are often not thought about protecting until later in life, when the damage becomes prevalent. The humble sunscreen is key to hand care at any age.

Combine your treatments

Combining your treatments can also give some wonderful results.  Make an appointment today with any one of our ENRICH clinic nurses for a consultation and to discuss a treatment plan for your hands.

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