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High arches are out and the low brow is in

High arches are out and the low brow is in
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High arched brows are now going out of fashion, with the low brow the new in-thing.

This means some of you with higher arched brows are seeking flatter, lower, less arched brows, though years of high arches may thwart you. The new low brow look is more masculine, typically with thicker brows that are straighter than ever.

Younger women are in luck, since they wouldn’t have waxed and plucked their brows into obscurity, with greater thickness and density of brow available to them. Women seeking lower brows may use either anti-wrinkle injections or dermal filler injections to get the look they are after, though these have been typically used to create higher brows – not lower.

Our eyebrows are a huge part of our facial expressions, offering both subtle and overt clues as to how someone feels or what they are thinking. The rest of the face may be neutral while one slightly raised brow can provide a very direct message. Having brows that do your dirty work for you is part of our humanness.

Women have been changing the shape of their natural eyebrows for a long time, with plucking, waxing, threading, dyeing and now, lifting, boosting or dropping with surgery or cosmetic injections.

The eyebrow position of models and actresses in fashion magazines has been analysed since 1946. For many years, the high arched brow was the most popular brow look, thought to make a woman look younger. High arches peaked before the 1960s, but have been in decline ever since, say the researchers. The height of eyebrows has decreased over time, with the peak of the brow moving away from the nose, to the outer side of the face.

The ideal female eyebrow is flattening out and dropping closer to the eye, much more similar to a male eyebrow. This may be a natural response culturally of greater parity between men and women, and a lust for the androgynous look in fashion. Now, luminance is becoming more important, with fullness and ability to reflect light being important, say the researchers.

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