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How a few strategically-placed injections can give you a new nose

How a few strategically-placed injections can give you a new nose
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Nonsurgical nose jobs in MelbourneOnly a few years ago, if you wanted a different nose to the one you were born with – straighter, smaller, less bumpy, symmetrical – then you only had one option: a surgical nose job (rhinoplasty).

Your nasal bones would be shaved and broken, and your face would be bruised for weeks. Now, you can get injectable filler put into your nose in strategic places to transform your entire profile in less than the time it takes to drink a hot cup of coffee. Welcome to the 21st century and the non-surgical nose job.

Dermal filler gels – the very same dermal fillers used on lips and cheeks – are now being used in an off-label procedure to give people noses they like more. Your cosmetic dermatologist can correct bumps, lumps and curves, counterintuitively adding to your nose to make it look smaller.

The cosmetic surgeon who is credited with inventing this technique is Dr Alexander Rivkin, though almost everyone does nonsurgical nose jobs now – it’s so easy, and any errors can be easily dissolved on the spot using an enzyme.

Before and after photographs of the nonsurgical nose job really are incredible – our eye is fooled into thinking the nose has been made smaller, but in fact this is simple not the case: it has been made bigger.

Here are the things you need to know about the myths and legends surrounding the incredible results of nonsurgical nose jobs.

#1. You can choose if it’s longer-lasting or temporary

Most of the cosmetic fillers we have at our disposal are temporary, and we like it this way – it gives us options to adjust your look as you age. Some fillers can last longer than others before they eventually absorb into your system. Generally if you are going to get a nonsurgical nose job, you’d want a shorter acting filler, say for a year or so, since you may not like the change and want to go back to how you used to look, or you may want other adjustments made. If you like it, you can opt for the same again, or you can choose to get a longer-lasting filler.

#2. You need a cosmetic dermatologist who knows what they are doing

Don’t put your nose into inexperienced hands. Ever. All injections have risks associated with them, and you want that to be minimised by putting your face in the capable hands of someone you trust, who has done the procedure hundreds of times before, and knows it inside out. There are some dangers associated with injecting around the eyes and nose, which includes blindness: if filler goes into a vein that supplies the eyes, you can be in real trouble. Understanding facial anatomy is of critical importance. Additionally, blood supply to the nose is weak, particularly in anyone who has undergone previous surgery. A lot of filler in the end of the nostril or tip can run the risk of cutting off blood supply to that area.

#3. Those with a pronounced bump on the bridge are the best candidates

Nonsurgical nose jobs are not for every nose – it’s not magic. Anyone with a noticeable bump on the bridge of their nose is perfect for this, since filling in the area around the bump makes the bump disappear completely. Droopy tips can also be corrected, and mildly crooked noses. We can’t make a big nose smaller, and any drastic changes may still require a surgical nose job to correct.

Our Melbourne cosmetic dermatologists are experts in nonsurgical nose jobs.
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