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Fix your scars and feel better about life

Fix your scars and feel better about life
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Getting a scar treated to improve its appearance can really change the way you feel about yourself. Not all scars are trophies of a journey made. Scarring can have a significant negative impact on your sense of wellbeing and confidence, so getting treatments can be really helpful as a form of healing in other ways. If this is true for you, it might be time to consider scar treatments.

Facial scarring can have a very serious impact on how you see the world – maybe you worry that people will stare, spend a great deal of effort hiding it, or just hate looking at it every morning. Many of us would go to great lengths to hide our scars. Visible scarring serves as a reminder of a negative experience.

Making a scar look better – even just to us, even if it’s in a place nobody else can see – can help emotional healing. For this, it’s worth it.

How we can improve the appearance of your scars?
We now understand scar tissue better than ever before, and have a range of tools to reduce, fade or remodel scars.

Raised scars form when some form of trauma – intentional or accidental – disrupts the collagen in the skin, resulting in collagen buildup. This creates a raised (hypertrophic) scar, which may be lessened with steroid injections or laser/radiofrequency treatments that break down the excess collagen.

A pitted scar is caused by a lack of collagen in the tissues, which can be filled in with dermal filler injections or laser/radiofrequency treatments to build up collagen. This can flatten the scar out, reducing shadowing.

Acne scarring can be successfully reduced.

Coloured scars can be faded and treated as we would pigmentation.

Sometimes, reopening the scar in a small surgery so that it can re-heal is the way to go. Each scar is different, and each of you is different too – we work with you to get the results you want.

There are many options to help reduce the appearance of scarring, though these techniques are not magic – you’ll need to manage your expectations of miraculous scar removal. That can’t happen. Scars are with us for life.

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