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Facelifts: how long do they last?

Facelifts: how long do they last?
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There is no accurate long-term data on how long facelifts last, largely due to inconsistent photography and techniques amongst surgeons over the years. Most people undergoing facelifts want to know how long the facelift will last, and what will happen to the lifted tissue over time. Now, we have one five-year follow-up study to go by after a surgeon has used a decade of research to track 50 of his patients.

Using a computer program, surgeons Dr Barry Jones and Dr Steven Lo uploaded the images of the facelift patients all taken with the same camera, lense, lighting and facial position. Measurements were taken of the face and neck, with movements recorded before the facelift, six days post-surgery, four weeks post-surgery, and 4-5 years post-surgery.

Each woman in the study was given what’s known as a deep plane facelift, which surgically tightens the muscles behind the ear and neck, as opposed to other methods that cut and stretch skin.

The results suggest that just over three quarters of the women maintained the effects in their adjusted looks for up to five-and-a-half-years post-surgery. The results indicate that a deep plane facelift can make a person look at least five years younger. We still don’t know what the results are after this period, since it has not been studied, but the muscles will relax over time as natural ageing continues.

Facelift or threadlift?
Newer and less invasive facelift techniques include the thread lift or suture lift. Facelift results tend to be more dramatic, but suture lift results are impressive, though more subtle. Suture lifts are very minimally invasive, quick to perform, with lasting and adjustable results.

Facelifts come in many shapes and sizes.
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