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How long does lip filler last?

How long does lip filler last?
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There are many questions when it comes to lip injections, with the most common question being how long does lip filler last for? The answer is, it depends a little on a few factors.

What substance your lip filler is made from

At ENRICH in Melbourne, we only do lip injections with a specific substance that is naturally found in the human body. This molecule is synthetic (because it’s safer) but behaves just like the real thing, which holds a thousand times its weight in water (very hydrating), and acts as a transporter molecule between blood vessels and skin for nutrients. This substance also stimulates collagen production, so your lips end up better than they were before on the inside and the outside.

Some lip injections can be of other substances, and you should be aware of what your practitioner is injecting into your lips before you arrive at your appointment. At ENRICH, we only use one type of lip filler because we believe it to be superior. Your cosmetic dermatologist can explain why.

This substance is temporary, so will only last for a certain period of time before it is absorbed into your body naturally. This means repeat lip injections, but it also means your lip filler won’t last for a long time if you change your look or decide to make an alteration. This means our lip injections are very flexible and can change as you do.

Lip filler is absorbed slowly and won’t just disappear overnight. It will slowly be absorbed over time, until you are back where you started.  This is likely to be between 6-18 months.

How lip injections are absorbed

Because your lips are a high-movement area (talking, kissing, laughing, eating, drinking), the lip injections will be absorbed faster than other areas, such as your nose or cheeks. If you are a big talker, kisser, or eater, your lip injections will be absorbed faster than those whose lips are stiller for longer each day.

Pulling kissing pouty faces, for example, will cause your lip injections to be absorbed faster, because this action squeezes the lips, pushing the substance closer to your blood vessels, and therefore out of your lips.

If your immune system is good, the substance may be broken down faster. (Not fair, huh!) Also, the technique your cosmetic dermatologist uses to inject your lips can make a difference as to how long your lip injections last for.

Where you get the lip injections matters since there are many areas of the lips and around the mouth that may be treated in one session. We may inject your Cupid’s bow, lip border, lip body, or corners of the mouth, or likely, a combination of these. The area around your mouth that supports your lips may be treated, for example the lines that join your nose and lips or around the edges of your mouth.

How much lip filler is injected also makes quite a lot of difference to longevity, since a larger amount of filler will last for longer. A larger amount of lip filler is not always desirable, since this can create a look that is out of balance with your face, which we want to avoid. Natural-looking lovely lips is our desired outcome.

Speak to your lip injector or our friendly receptionists or nurse to find out what product is being used, and how long they anticipate your lip injections will last for.

We do beautiful lips.
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