How many treatments do I need to get results with fat freezing?

Fat freezing is a non-invasive form of fat removal, using a specialised lipocryolysis device. Fat freezing works by applying low temperatures to fat cells, destroying fat cells and leaving other cells unaffected.

Over time, your body naturally cleans up the remnants of the fat cells as a waste product. Fat freezing strategically utilises your body’s natural processes to reshape your body.

The big question is, how many fat freezing sessions do I need?

The process of fat freezing by its very nature often requires multiple treatments for best effect. Just how many fat freezing treatments using our Cooltech device are needed depends largely on how much fat you want removed and which part of your body is being treated. Sometimes one treatment is enough.

Theoretically the number of fat freezing treatments is unlimited, but there is a required rest and healing period between appointments where the fat cells are scavenged and the fat disappears. The next layer down can then be treated, if necessary.

Fat freezing is considered a very safe procedure, suitable for those who want subtle body reshaping. At ENRICH we use the efficient Cooltech fat freezing device, requiring fewer treatments and shorter treatment times than some other devices.How many Coolsculpting sessions do I need

We know planning ahead is important, so here are our estimates of how many fat freezing treatments are needed:

  • We generally recommend between one and three sessions per treatment area using the Cooltech device
  • Depending on the area, sometimes just one treatment may be required
  • More than one area can be treated in a session
  • An initial consultation will determine how many sessions you’ll actually need

If you have multiple areas you want treated, you may need more treatments, since we can only fit so much into one session.

The Cooltech machine has optimised handpieces to maximise efficiency – small enough to do delicate areas, but powerful enough to get the most out of your session. Our machines are the best on the market, meaning less clinic time and fewer appointments than other machines.

Read more about the science behind the Cooltech device and how it works as an effective fat-removal tool.

How we establish the final number of fat freezing sessions needed

An initial consultation is required to assess you. We make sure it’s safe for you to undergo this type of treatment, make sure we understand your body goals, and provide you with a concrete treatment plan. Your doctor will make up an individualised treatment schedule, including an estimate of costs and the number of appointments required.

How many Coolsculpting sessions do I need

Elements that affect the outcome of your fat freezing treatments

  • Realistic expectations – there are limitations to all cosmetic treatments
  • Diet – a healthy diet will help maintain excellent results both pre- and post-treatment
  • Commitment to treatments – you may need several treatments, months apart

Common fat freezing treatment areas

  • Belly
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Ankles
  • Calves
  • Hips
  • Waist
  • Breasts
  • Arms
  • Chin/neck

How much fat can fat freezing actually remove?

The generous capabilities of fat freezing as a fat-removal tool mean that each treatment can remove up to 20-25 per cent of the fat cells in an area in one treatment. If you’re concerned about a small, stubborn bulge, this number is huge and can mean one treatment is enough. Each fat freezing treatment can remove the same amount again, with a four-month gap between treatments.

If there is less fat to remove, the treatment time with the Cooltech device is shortened accordingly.

Fat freezing as a body-shaping tool

Fat freezing can make a visible difference to the shape of your body, and works on all body types.

If you want to lose fat generally, fat freezing is not necessarily the best treatment. Fat freezing is a body-shaping tool, not a weight-loss tool. Keep this in mind when you’re fantasising about your dream body! Fat freezing can be used to complement other treatments such as skin tightening, or as a stand-alone treatment.

Who is best suited to fat freezing treatments?

  • Those looking to modify their overall shape or modify the shape of a specific part of the body (hips, thighs or belly)
  • Anyone with stubborn pockets of fat that won’t budge with exercise and healthy eating
  • People near or at their ideal, healthy weight

How many fat freezing treatments do I need?

I’m slim with some unwanted fat pockets – how many fat freezing treatments do I need?

If you don’t have a whole lot of fat on you, but have a bulge or two you want gone (such as ‘saddlebags’ on thighs), just one appointment may be necessary.

I’m curvy and want to do a little body sculpting – how many fat freezing sessions do I need?

Slimming down an area or sculpting a part of your body that naturally carries more fat tends to mean more treatments per area. Ideal results are often achieved after just two treatments. Remember – you are all unique snowflakes and each body is built differently, so results definitely vary. One freeze does not fit all.

I have big goals and want advanced body sculpting – how many fat freezing treatments do I need?

Dramatic changes in your body shape can be achieved with two or three fat freezing treatments in multiple areas. If subtle changes are all you want, you may need fewer treatments. Talk to your doctor about your goals.

Are fat freezing results instant?

You won’t see the effect of the fat freezing treatment for 2-4 months, since your body scavenges the destroyed fat cells slowly. Your body can only work so fast, so once the initial treatment is performed, it’s up to your body to do the rest in its own time. This means the healthier you are, the faster your body can pick up the debris and reveal your new shape.

The treatment has ‘worked’ immediately, but the visible fat freezing results won’t be apparent for a little while.

How often fat freezing appointments must be set

Fat freezing requires at least 30 days to a few months between treatments. We recommend waiting 3-4 months between treatments. This allows sufficient time for your body to naturally work its magic and remove the fat cells. It is a waste of time and money to re-treat the same fat cells if they haven’t yet been removed by your body – you’d be treating already damaged cells that are awaiting clean-up.

Once all the treated fat cells are cleared, you’re ready for the next treatment. How long this clean-up takes depends on how much fat has been treated – a small area of fat in a ‘high traffic’ metabolic area may be cleared out faster than a large area in a ‘low traffic’ metabolic area. Speak to your doctor about their recommendations and expectations.

How many fat freezing sessions do I need?
Contact ENRICH to book a private consultation to find out.

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