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How many treatments will I need to remove a tattoo?

How many treatments will I need to remove a tattoo?
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Tattoo removal treatments in Melbourne

There is no straight answer to how long it takes to remove a tattoo, because every tattoo is a bit different in terms of its depth, pigment type used, and what colours are involved. Laser tattoo removal is a procedure whereby the pigments are broken up into tiny pieces, then absorbed by your body via your immune system, then excreted. Tattoo removal is a slow process and involves multiple treatments.

The type of laser being used will also dictate how quickly your tattoo can be removed. This is because each burst of energy from the laser needs to be highly concentrated on the one spot to break up the pigment effectively, the smaller the better, and the power and frequencies required to achieve this goal vary between machines.

At ENRICH in Melbourne, we use a picosecond laser for tattoo removal, which is the best in the business. The bursts of high energy are quick – picoseconds – and the wavelengths required for each colour are perfectly matched.

The way lasers work is based on frequencies, so if you remember that colours are frequencies, you can think of the laser beam as being attracted to certain matching colour frequencies. This is how we can remove a brown freckle, a red blood vessel, or a black hair, without affecting other coloured skin nearby, with differing frequencies required for each colour. This is the same principle with tattoo removal, with each colour in the tattoo being targeted one by one by the laser, with separate settings.

Removing your tattoo will depend on several factors, including the size, how many colours there are, and your pain tolerance. Yes, tattoo removal does involve discomfort. The slower and low-powered machines take longer and hurt more, which is why you should only have your tattoos removed using a picosecond laser that is top of its class for tattoo removal. This reduces time and pain. Our picosecond laser can drop your treatments and pain in half.

A small black tattoo may take six treatments to fully clear, while a large colourful tattoo is going to take a long time to fully clear, maybe more than 20 treatments. You do need to make sure you can afford to commit to your tattoo removal treatments, since a half-removed tattoo is likely going to look worse than the worst tattoo.

Each tattoo removal session is between half an hour and an hour, since most people don’t tolerate more than that in a session. It will produce redness, possibly some scabbing, and some swelling after your treatments, but this resolves as any inflammation does, within a few days to a week.

Tattoo removal at ENRICH in Melbourne is the very best of the best – our practitioners have been removing tattoos for many more years than most other Melbourne practitioners, our equipment is state-of-the-art, and our clinic is clean and beautiful.

We can quote you on your tattoo removal and let you know how long we think it will take to fully clear, so feel free to call up and speak to one of our nurses about your tattoo before you book your appointment. Remember, we have the best technology for fast, comfortable tattoo removal – don’t skimp on your laser tattoo removal and end up hurting your pocket and skin.

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