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How stress may be contributing to your skin condition

How stress may be contributing to your skin condition
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Stress can really interfere with your skin. There is a link between the nervous system and flare-ups of acne, psoriasis and rosacea, but everyone is a little bit different. Determining triggers and an underlying cause is an important part of the diagnosis and treatment of any skin condition.

Emotional, mental and physical stress
We can all attest to the physical problems that crop up when we’re stressed. Coldsores, insomnia, digestive disturbances, breakouts. It all seems to come crashing down on us; not to punish us, but because stress degrades so many parts of our system in ways we can’t see, in part by causing inflammatory molecules – cytokines – to be released into your system at a greater rate.

What we know about our nervous system and skin conditions
We understand that if you prevent nerve conduction to an area of skin exhibiting a skin condition like psoriasis, then the skin in that area stops exhibiting symptoms. Mice studies show that so long as test mice were not exposed to stress, they did not exhibit the rash of the dermatitis condition they were predisposed to.

When we’re stressed, our nerve endings send out more neuropeptides and neurotransmitters, which controls a lot of important functions in our body, including our physical response to stress – blood flow, sensation, and feelings of stress. These chemicals can also lead to skin inflammation.

Treating the nerves, therefore, is an avenue of research being explored. Treating the nerves that connect to affected skin areas, but not affecting the rest of the body, could help us manage inflammatory skin conditions in a more effective manner. Additionally, controlling emotional, mental and physical stress could play an important role in your recovery from your skin condition.

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