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How to get rid of a double chin

How to get rid of a double chin
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A double chin is actually not to do with your chin at all; it just looks that way. A double chin is actually to do with your neck. Excess fat collects in the front of the neck directly underneath the chin, which makes it appear like a double bubble, double chin. This is typically genetic, but can be related to weight loss or gain. Often, a double chin is just a natural part of ageing.

A double chin can be large, looking like a sort of bladder or sack underneath the chin, or it can be as small as a little pocket of fat or a general plumpness to the area. The most common approach to removing this is via neck and chin liposuction, a short and safe procedure to remove the fatty tissue.

Why liposuction?
The issue is a pocket of fat, so removing this tissue solves the problem. If loose skin is the main issue, another treatment might be more suitable, or used in conjunction with liposuction.

Is neck liposuction for me?
Everyone is different so the best way to find out if you can resolve your double chin with liposuction is to speak to your cosmetic surgeon about your options. Another option may be preferable. Our necks naturally contain some fat, so removing all neck fat is not the way forward – it’s removing the extra fat that’s key to a shapely neckline.

How does extra neck fat make me look?
Having excess fat in the neck can make you look older, heavier, and a bit tired. Once neck liposuction is completed, it can shave years off your face. A sharp jawline is the domain of the young, but you don’t have to resign yourself to the oldies section just yet.

The best candidates for neck and chin liposuction are those with some elasticity in their skin and good health. The skin should not be sagging, but if it is, we can still give you a beautiful jawline – just with other tools.

Have a beautiful jawline.
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