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How to quickly get rid of a blister

How to quickly get rid of a blister
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If you need to get rid of a blister fast, there is a better way of getting back on your feet faster.

The ideal thing for a blister is to keep it intact, since it is better protected from infection, but this is not always the easiest thing to do – a blister will often pop itself with continued friction, in which case you want to get to it first.

Infection can be easily avoided with the right care for your small wound, so don’t be too scared of popping your blister. Sometimes, you just have to.

How to see if your blister is infected?

An infected blister is easy to spot: it’s hot, red, and there’s crusty, oozing pus. It may even smell bad. An infected blister needs to be carefully cleaned and disinfected, after which it should clear up quickly and start to heal. If this doesn’t happen, you need medical help.

How to pop a blister?

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly – you don’t want to introduce any nasty bacteria.
  2. Rinse and dry the blister carefully – use iodine, alcohol, or just soap and water, and get rid of any dirt, ‘bits’, pus and sweat.
  3. Get yourself a small, sharp pin and sterilise it – you can use iodine, alcohol, or even hold the pin under a lit match and let the fire sterilise it before use.
  4. Puncture the blister with a single hole in one place near the edge – soak up the weeping liquid with a clean cloth or cotton swab.
  5. If required, puncture it in another spot – if there is a lot of fluid, choose another spot away from the first spot, and puncture the blister again, and continue to drain the fluid. Do this as many times as it seems necessary. You want all the fluid out.
  6. Apply antibacterial ointment or iodine to the whole area, then cover with a bandage, gauze or band-aid.
  7. Wait a couple of days – cut off any dead skin, clean as required, reapply iodine.

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