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How your age and hydration affect skin firmness

How your age and hydration affect skin firmness
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Skin firmness varies widely between age groups, but contrary to popular belief, skin hydration has been found to play little role in how firm our skin is. It is the loss of elasticity that causes sagging and wrinkles to appear, so when we talk about anti-wrinkle treatments, we need to address skin firmness.

How your age affects your skin’s firmness

Skin firmness is almost entirely down to how much collagen and elastin your skin contains. Your skin is made up of multiple layers, with each layer performing its own function. Deeper layers contain the most collagen and elastin and are the layers we need to target when we perform anti-ageing anti-wrinkle treatments.

Over time, the cells in our skin that produce collagen – fibroblasts – just slow down. This is completely normal, but it also means our skin loses some of its firmness each year. The sun also breaks down collagen fibres, which is why the sun is blamed for causing premature ageing.

This collagen breakdown can be modulated (but not reversed) by collagen-stimulating treatments and skin resurfacing procedures. As a group, these procedures are often called anti-wrinkle treatments, because they wipe fine lines and wrinkles off your face or soften them.

Resurfacing as an anti-wrinkle treatment – Melbourne clinic

As an anti-wrinkle treatment, resurfacing can be extremely effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles, while creating even skin tone and removing blemishes. The degree of resurfacing that you need is going to depend heavily on how many wrinkles you have and what your goals for your face are.

Resurfacing acts not only to remove the top layer of wrinkles, but it stimulates collagen and elastin production in deeper layers. Overall, resurfacing can be a great anti-wrinkle treatment.

Collagen stimulating as an anti-wrinkle treatment – Melbourne clinic

If you are aiming at collagen production in the underlying layers of skin, you need devices that can penetrate deeper. These devices are typically light-based or wave-based technology, since the beam or wave can get deeper through the skin and stimulate cells without damaging surrounding skin. Lasers work on the surface layers, while other wave-based treatments penetrate underneath.

Dermal fillers as an anti-wrinkle treatment – Melbourne clinic

Dermal fillers work to fill out deeper wrinkles and stimulate the skin, so it is left hydrated, rejuvenated and plumped. Dermal fillers may not be used solely for wrinkles, but also for boosting volume in the face to give a more youthful look. Cheeks are a classic example of a place that doesn’t really have wrinkles as such, but that dermal filler can plump out and add a more youthful look to.

Radiofrequency as an anti-wrinkle treatment – Melbourne clinic

Radiofrequency is being used to stimulate cells to increase their activity, including collagen production and skin tightening. You can reduce wrinkles using tightening skin treatments and boosting collagen, which makes the skin tauter and firmer, from the inside and outside.

Getting the best anti-wrinkle treatments

Come in for a consultation – it will quickly be clear to our professional cosmetic dermatologists what your skin would benefit from. We can work on your target areas in the most effective way, with the best anti-wrinkle treatments.

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