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Is laser hair removal permanent?

Is laser hair removal permanent?
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What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is the process of damaging a hair follicle to the point where it can no longer support growing a hair. We must catch the hair follicle in its active growth phase, which only happens periodically.

The way hair follicles produce a hair is cyclic. If every hair follicle on your body was producing a hair all the time, we would be very hairy. Our hair is designed to stay generally consistent in thickness, for example the hair on our head, chest, arms, and legs remains more or less the same thickness over a set period of our life stages. This is because while some hair is starting to grow, other hair is falling out, and so on, to keep it the same thickness. We are constantly growing and shedding hair.

A hair follicle may remain inactive until for some reason (such as hormones) it is triggered to start growing a hair. This means while we perform laser hair removal treatments, this follicle may not have a hair growing in it, and therefore not be targeted by the laser. This hair follicle can then, at a later date, produce a hair. This means that laser hair removal is not 100 per cent foolproof, and hair can come out of a follicle that, during your treatments, was inactive. This cannot be helped.

So, no, laser hair removal is not completely permanent, but it is long-lasting. These inactive follicles are not that common and are not considered a major issue.

laser hair removal

Laser hair removal treatments

During your laser hair removal treatments, the hair in the active growth phase is targeted by the laser beam. This growth phase occurs in a cycle of between 6-8 weeks, which is why your appointments will be spaced this far apart, and why it’s essential that you show up to your appointments on time for best results. If you wait too long, the active growth phase of the hair may have ended, and if you get another treatment too soon, you may be retreating hair follicles that have already been targeted in the last session.

Laser hair removal is still an imperfect art, and can take quite a long time to undertake, with a requirement of 8-10 sessions (at least) 6-8 weeks apart. This could mean your laser hair removal project takes more than a year to complete. But, once it’s done, you will be hair-free (more or less) forever, with the possibility of some top-up treatments required.

When to get laser hair removal treatment in Melbourne

The best times to start your laser hair removal treatments is likely to be winter, when there is less likelihood of a tan – tanned skin isn’t good when mixed with lasers, since the laser beam likes dark things like melanin and hairs. Areas that are hidden from the sun, like your bikini line or armpits, may be suitable to treat anytime depending on how much sun you get.

Laser hair removal is an effective (if slow) way to create long-lasting alterations to your body hair. It is the best solution we have for most people, though laser hair removal isn’t suitable for everyone or every skin type.

Our Melbourne clinic practitioners can provide expert guidance on your hair removal needs, no matter what your skin tone, skin type, or hair type.

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