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What to know before getting your lips done

What to know before getting your lips done
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Undergoing lip augmentation with dermal lip filler can make a huge difference to the size, volume and shape of the lips.

Having a great practitioner with an artful eye is critical when getting lip augmentation, so do your homework and don’t skimp on skills and experience. (At ENRICH in Melbourne, only skilled, experienced cosmetic doctors do lip injections of any kind so you can rest assured you are in the best hands.)

Before you get lip enhancements, you should know a little more about the process and what to expect.

#1. Most cosmetic doctors use a naturally-occuring substance as their lip enhancement filler of choice, and at our Melbourne clinic, this is our preferred lip filler. This substance is found in abundance in human tissue, particularly the skin, and scientists believe that it is the loss of this fluid that is responsible for the physical signs of ageing like wrinkles and loss of volume. The less HA you have, the drier and less elastic your skin. HA can also be dissolved using an enzyme called hyaluronidase, so should you change your mind (which is unlikely, let’s be real here), you can always get your lip augmentation undone in a heartbeat.

#2. Our dermal filler is a temporary filler and will, over a period of months, be absorbed into your body after your lip augmentation. This means you need to get repeat treatments every four to six months, but it also means you can adjust your look as you see fit and as you age. The pretty pout you might want at 25 may be at odds with the lips you want when you’re 40. Those with faster metabolisms will absorb the HA faster.

#3. Expect to pay to get great lip enhancements. A good practitioner and the right ingredients do cost money, and opting for cheap fillers and a cheap practitioner won’t do you any favours in the long run. The point of lip enhancements is to walk out of the clinic with natural-looking lips that you love. Experienced, skilled cosmetic doctors are not as easy to come by as inexperienced hopefuls at your local beauty salon. Choose wisely.

#4. Lip fillers provide instantaneous results, though you might find your lips are a bit puffy immediately after your lip injections. This is normal. Give it a day, and you will see the real results of your lip enhancements.

#5. Enhanced lips feel just the same as your regular lips, including when you are kissing. Sometimes, with larger volumes of dermal filler added, your lips can feel a tiny bit bigger, like the sensation of getting acrylic nails put on after having natural nails or learning to look through the shadow of false eyelashes – you adjust to the new feeling quickly. Most often, your lips will feel exactly the same as before.

#6. Lip enhancements are a walk-in walk-out procedure and you can go about your day after your treatment. You should not get your lips augmented within a week of a big event, just in case there is bruising or any kind of reaction or unexpected issue. These reactions are very rare, because HA is a substance found naturally in our bodies, but it’s best to be safe when it comes to big days with endless photographs being taken.

#7. Lip enhancement lip injections don’t hurt as such, but you will feel a pinch and a sting. You can request anaesthetic if you wish.

We make beautiful, natural-looking lips.
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