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Laser hair removal facts

Laser hair removal facts
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There are a lot of misconceptions about laser hair removal. A common myth surrounding laser hair removal is that it’s a permanent hair removal solution. While it is long-lasting, the nature of hair and how our hair growth cycles work mean that inactive follicles can switch on and start growing a hair later on in life.

Here we dispel some common myths about laser hair removal, and give you the bare-legged facts.

Laser hair removal facts

Laser hair reduction:

  • Is long-lasting
  • Doesn’t hurt
  • Requires over can require several treatments per area
  • Requires a high-quality laser for best results
  • Is best performed by a very experienced practitioner
  • Can result in burns when performed incorrectly
  • Can be performed in delicate or hard-to-reach areas like the bikini line
  • Can not be done around the eyes (for eyebrow shaping)
  • Requires a stronger laser for light skin with light hair colour
  • Requires a little more care on darker skin tones

Laser hair reduction facts – how the hair follicle works

Your hair follicles have growth cycles, so the follicle is activated, and a hair is produced. Then, another hair pushes that hair out, and so it continues. Some hair follicles are more active than others, and some will remain dormant for long periods of time.


Laser hair removal is really laser hair reduction. We can’t guarantee that your hair won’t grow back after a series of treatments, because we can only treat an actively growing hair follicle, but not much hair will ever grow back. We’ve treated most of the follicles, so you will stay smooth for the most part for the rest of your life.

Often when hair does grow back out of newly-active follicles, it tends to be wispier and lighter than the previous hairs. This hair can be easily removed by you at home every now and again, or you can come back into the clinic for a one-appointment touch-up every year or two, as needed.

The laser energy is absorbed by the hair, and transfers this heat energy to the surrounding cells in the hair follicle. This damages the hair follicle so it is unable to produce another hair. Each session, we target the actively growing hairs, which is why you need multiple laser hair removal treatments and just one won’t do the trick.

Where we can perform laser hair reduction

The body parts that most women want hair removed from are the arms, armpits, legs, bikini line (including the full Brazilian), the belly, and in the case of hormonal upsets, possibly the face. In men, the most common areas for laser hair removal include the back, neck, and buttocks.

We can perform laser hair reduction on any part of the body excluding around the eyes, since laser beams can damage the eyes. Both you and your practitioner will wear protective goggles during your treatments for this very reason. The laser beams are very powerful, and since at ENRICH we have the very best hair removal lasers on the market, your safety is our top priority.

If you’re not sure where to go for the best laser hair removal in Melbourne, our clinic has a lot to offer you. We have the most experienced practitioners since we’ve been performing laser hair removal since it became a thing.

Our clinic is welcoming, the treatment rooms are very comfortable, and our friendly team will ensure are well cared for. We want you to tell your friends! We’re very proud of our lasers and practitioners and only have the very best, latest technology with tried and tested results. We stick to the facts when it comes to laser hair reduction, so you can rest assured you are in the best hands.

Learn more about the science and facts behind laser hair removal in this medical review.

The laser hair reduction procedure at ENRICH – get the facts

Before your appointments, you’ll need to shave (not wax) the area you want to be treated. This is because we need a blunt hair (not no hair) so that the laser beam can travel down the hair shaft and work its magic.

This means when you get into the session, you’ll need to know where the edges of your treatment area are, particularly for areas like the bikini line. The hairline varies considerably, so knowing what shape you want any remaining hair to be in, is useful for your practitioner. You don’t want an uneven ‘do! Shape your remaining hair prior to each appointment in the same way and let your practitioner know how far the hair tends to extend.

You’ll book in for your appointment with our friendly reception staff, and when you arrive, you’ll fill out our patient information form, and a consent form. This consent form gives you some information about what to expect and what you are getting yourself in for.

We recommend that you plan ahead for your laser hair removal treatments, which is likely to take about a year in full. You need treatments every 6-8 weeks to catch all the hair growth cycles in certain areas. This means scheduling your appointments ahead of time.

We also recommend staying out of the sun and avoiding tanning while you’re undergoing treatments.

Once you’re in the treatment room, we’ll apply a special gel that helps keep the laser handpiece gliding over your skin, and helps keep your skin cool. The laser beam is hot, so managing the temperature is important.

We’ll treat all the areas you want, wipe you clean, and that’s it. One session under your belt, smooth skin coming right up!

We are laser hair removal experts.
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