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Lasers and advanced technology facials – Dermatologists Melbourne

Lasers and advanced technology facials – Dermatologists Melbourne
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Lasers and advanced technology facials – Dermatologist Melbourne

Whilst traditional beauty therapy facials may leave you feeling refreshed, real skin change comes from targeted, advanced laser facials and treatments. Our practitioners are skilled in the use of advanced facial lasers and treatments to not only get you looking and feeling your best, but also for instituting long term improvements and change in the skin structure.

Make the most of your investment in your skin and contact ENRICH Clinic to secure an appointment with one of our experienced team members.

Bang for your buck – investing in laser skin treatments

Our clinic is home to over twenty lasers and therapeutic devices. This means that we can  tailor every treatment to the individual, making your treatments more efficient and effective. This is far better than the more generalised therapeutic facial treatments available elsewhere, which may leave you feeling good but are not likely to be doing your skin any long term good.

Dermatologist edge – ENRICH Clinic Melbourne

At ENRICH Clinic, you also get the benefit of having your treatments overseen by skilled doctors, dermatologists and nurses. Our team start the therapy journey with the condition of each individual patient’s skin and works forwards from there, incorporating any number of tailored and combined treatments to get your skin looking its best.

Our favourite advanced laser facials and treatments – Dermatologists Melbourne

  • China Doll facial: A powerful mix of laser and carbon serum, this lunch time saviour leaves you with clean, beautiful skin and clear complexion. A series of China Doll treatments will result in overall improved skin texture and appearance and the ultimate glow factor.
  • Hydrafacial: Gentler than its microdermabrasion counterpart, the Hydrafacial uses a gentle vacuuming motion to remove dirt and congestion, whilst simultaneously infusing the complexion with skin loving nutrients.
  • Chemical peels:Chemical peels can be used to treat a variety of skin complaints. You might also add a session under the Diode lights to stimulate healing and blood flow to the area, resulting in a plump and fresh complexion. Better yet, our peels start at $40.00, making them a great way to introduce advanced treatments to your regime.

Ready to glow? Contact ENRICH Clinic today.

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