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Lip fillers: how we get the best out of lips

Lip fillers: how we get the best out of lips
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There have been ongoing improvements in lip injections with lip/dermal filler over several decades. The the substances used for lip fillers now very safe and effective at lip plumping.

A new study that looked at over 400 people who received lip fillers has offered new insights into injection techniques to avoid excess swelling, using this extra time to get the lips just right. Having extra time for aesthetically perfecting the lips before they get too swollen due to repeated lip filler injections is sometimes not an option. The technique studied is being dubbed the ‘no-touch’ technique, and involves lip fillers that do not enter the wet or dry mucosal layers, but instead opting for the layers between them.

Lip fillers can cause the mucosa to swell quickly after repeated injections, distorting the way the lips appear. This can mean understanding the aesthetic outcome immediately can be more difficult, whereas with the no-touch lip filler technique, this isn’t a problem.

(While the name suggests that you can magically get more luscious lips without injections, that is not true – there is definitely still touching involved! You need injections, but the usual swelling is absent.)

The study looked at people receiving lip fillers over a 13-year period, using lip injections and microcannulas (tiny tubes) for filling the submucosal space between the mucosal layers.

When the doctors skipped the mucosa, swelling and bruising after the lip filler was decreased, allowing the doctors to get the lips looking right as they went on. All cosmetic doctors at ENRICH Clinic in Melbourne are expert injectors with many years’ experience, but not every clinic has this calibre of highly-trained doctor on staff. This means new techniques that make it easier for lesser-experienced doctors to administer aesthetic lip fillers are required so that better results can be seen more often.

This study has revealed that the no-touch technique reduces the swelling of regular lip fillers, while being predictable in its outcomes and reproducible. This is essential for any new technique to be taken on board by cosmetic doctors.

Lip filler speak:

= defining or sharpening the top line of the lips and Cupid’s bow, and the area between your nose and lips

= the body of the lip and how it appears

= lip height by volume

There are several elements to the lips that can be assessed and augmented with lip fillers at our Melbourne clinic, often in concert to create the gorgeous curves of lovely lips.

  • The nose-to-lip ratio (the distance between the nose and the Cupid’s bow
  • Philtrum (the two lines that run from your nostril to the tips of Cupid’s bow
  • Cupid’s bow – the little dip and peaks at the centre of your top lip
  • The white roll – the area where your top lip joins the skin of your face
  • Vermilion border – the rope-like structure that surrounds your lips
  • The wet-dry line – where the dry skin of your lips meets the wet part
  • Oral commissure – the corners of your mouth

The whole area around your mouth can have injections of dermal filler to boost, volumise and shape your lips, depending on what you present to the cosmetic dermatologist with.

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