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Liposuction breast reduction – the surgery and recovery

Liposuction breast reduction – the surgery and recovery
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When you come into our clinic for your breast-reduction liposuction procedure, you will be guided through the process by Dr Michael Rich, who performs all liposuction at the ENRICH clinic. The process is reasonably straightforward, but here is an overview so you understand what will be happening during your surgery.

Step 1 – measure each breast
The volume of each breast will be measured first. This is usually done with a volume beaker, as inelegant as that may seem.

Step 2 – draw the lines
Indelible ink is used to draw lines on the breast that will help Dr Rich during the infiltration process and during surgery.

Step 3 – anaesthetise the incision points
A very small needle is used to painlessly inject a small amount of local anaesthetic into the skin where the tiny incisions will be made. These tiny incisions are called adits. This means you won’t feel the small cuts made to allow the micro-cannulas to be inserted into the breast.

Step 4 – create the adits using a biopsy punch
These are 1mm in diameter.

Step 5 – add the tumescent fluid 
The tumescent fluid is part anaesthesia and part other ingredients. This is the main part of the tumescent technique of liposuction. The amount of this tumescent liquid will be approximately the same volume of the breast.

Step 6 – perform the suction
Suction is performed using micro-cannulas, which are very small, ranging in diameter from 1.5mm to 2.7mm, via the adits (which stretch and retract).

Step 7 – add absorbent padding and compression garments
Absorbent pads will then be placed on the breast to absorb the tumescent fluid, which contain some blood. This drains out after the surgery. A compression garment is then put on to hold the pads in place.

Step 8 – adjust compression garments
Your specialised compression garments will be adjusted for comfort and maximum absorption.

Step 9 – aftercare instructions
You will be guided through the aftercare instructions, including showering and changing of the absorbent pads.

You’re done!

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