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Liposuction Melbourne – what is tumescent liposuction?

Liposuction Melbourne – what is tumescent liposuction?
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Dr Michael Rich of ENRICH Clinic Armadale has been at the forefront of the tumescent liposuction technique in Australia for over twenty-five years. Considered the gold-standard in liposuction techniques, read on to find out why we favour this method over all else.

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Tumescent liposuction  

Tumescent liposuction can be performed under local rather than general anaesthesia.

The area is numbed via a tiny 1.5mm hole in the skin through which very small tubes called micro-cannulas are inserted. A fluid called tumescent fluid fills the area to be treated. This fluid numbs the treatment area. The fat is then removed via the micro-cannulas.

The use of tumescent fluid has multiple benefits, including smoother results, reduced likelihood of bruising and faster recovery times making it the ideal centrepiece of our Body Contouring program.

Dr Michael Rich – Melbourne’s best liposuction

Dr Rich has an acclaimed reputation as one of the leading dermatology and cosmetic surgeons in Melbourne. Dr Rich has chaired liposuction symposia at both the World Congress of Dermatology and the Australia College of Cosmetic Surgery.

Above all, Dr Rich is committed to offering the best care possible to his patients and, to that end, regularly attends and speaks at national and international cosmetic and dermatology  conferences.  Dr Rich leads a committed and experienced team of doctors, dermatologists and nurses at ENRICH Clinic Melbourne.

Treat yourself to Melbourne’s best liposuction. Contact ENRICH Clinic today.

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