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Liposuction scarring, time off work, pain and recovery

Liposuction scarring, time off work, pain and recovery
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Having a liposuction procedure is now safer than ever, which means less impact to your life afterwards. Liposuction does come with some recovery time, but a successful liposuction procedure leaves almost no visible scars, and most people can often return to work sometimes even the same day.

There is typically some bruising and tenderness afterwards, with non-painful swelling managed using special pressure garments for about four weeks. Liposuction results reveal themselves over time (between 6-8 weeks), since everything must settle back to the new normal.

Every body is different
Each person heals and recovers at their own pace and in their own way. Each procedure is individualised to get the best results possible by Dr Rich, one of Melbourne’s best and most experienced liposuction doctors. Dr Rich will explain the likely outcomes to you so you know exactly what to expect.

Dr Rich’s liposuction leaves virtually no scarring
Liposuction techniques must, by their very nature, pierce the skin to get the adipose (fat) tissue out of the body, but the actual suction doesn’t leave any scars. Anytime there is broken skin, a small scar naturally develops, however normal skin healing and our aftercare means scarring is absolutely minimal, and often not observable to the naked eye. Our cannulas are the smallest possible, which means only tiny incisions.

You won’t need much time off work, if any
Each liposuction treatment will vary in its recovery – large amounts may require a bit more time being gentle to your body than others. Most people need very little downtime, particularly if your work life is not very physically exerting. Those with more physical jobs may need a little more TLC. You’ll stop into the clinic the day after your liposuction procedure to be examined and have your dressings changed, but after that, with compression garments on, you will be able to move around the world as per usual (albeit more gently, for a while). Compression garments help your body reabsorb fluids (a natural part of swelling) faster.

A little sensitivity and stiffness is to be expected
Liposuction is quite a dramatic procedure in terms of your body – you are removing cells, and that causes localised impacts to tissue, which naturally results in some inflammation. Inflammation is uncomfortable (think a sprained ankle or sore muscle), though each person experiences this differently. Sensation in the area may be interrupted for a while as the tissue heals. This is normal.

The experience and expertise of your doctor matters when it comes to how much post-procedure inflammation there is – choose Dr Rich for a short recovery and the best results.

Exercise – you will be advised by Dr Rich
Dr Rich will discuss with you what you are able to do after your procedure, including what sort of exercise is advisable and at what stage.

The results of liposuction usually take weeks to fully reveal themselves, due to swelling. This is normal. The smaller the area, the quicker the recovery. Recovery time is also determined by damage to tissue during the procedure, so again, it is critical to choose a great surgeon. Dr Rich prides himself on offering excellent results and the very least downtime.

Let us answer your questions!
If you want to know more about what you can expect after a specific liposuction procedure, contact us. We can arrange a personal consultation to discuss your needs.

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