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Liposuction surgery – you asked, we answered

Liposuction surgery – you asked, we answered
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Here are three of the most common questions we get about liposuction surgery at our Melbourne clinic: how much, does it hurt, and will I be happy?

#1. How much does liposuction surgery cost? – Melbourne clinic

Liposuction surgery costs vary, but they don’t tend to fluctuate too much across Melbourne. The amount of work is commensurate with the cost, but there is a base cost associated with any surgery – the theatre, staff, tools and clinic costs are more or less the same, so you can always expect to pay for those.

You get what you pay for in terms of the experience and skills of your liposuction surgeon, which when it comes to long-lasting body modifications, really does matter – paying more is worth it when it comes to plastic surgery. You can expect the fee to be in the thousands for large body areas, but smaller areas may be quite a short procedure, for example the neck area, and the base cost may be far less.

To get an accurate quote, you will need to have a personal liposuction surgery consultation.

#2. Does liposuction surgery hurt? – Melbourne clinic

Liposuction surgery is completely painless during the procedure because your tissue is heavily anaesthetised. You will just feel pressure and movement in the area during the liposuction surgery, for which you will typically be awake during, with only local anaesthetic.

After your liposuction surgery – which is quite a big deal in biological terms – there is a reasonably long recovery time for larger areas like the thighs and the abdomen, but shorter recovery times for breasts and the chin or neck area. Your recovery time is heavily dependent on how much fat is removed and over what area of the body – your surgeon will explain this to you in detail.

With recovery comes swelling and some soreness. The swelling goes down over the weeks, with the final reveal of your liposuction surgery results coming sometimes months after your liposuction surgery. The soreness resolves within the week and painkillers are provided to help. Most people find this very manageable, and American research shows that despite soreness, most people are very happy with the outcomes of their liposuction surgery.

Liposuction surgery is an invasive surgery, but new techniques make it less invasive than ever before (the tumescent technique), with shorter recovery times, less soreness, swelling and bruising. While the actual liposuction surgery procedure itself is painless, it does come with some post-op pain, but usually no more than a big gym workout would create.

#3 Will I be happy with my liposuction surgery results? – Melbourne clinic

Liposuction surgery is a body reshaping tool that alters your body shape. This means having a great surgeon and realistic expectations is key to feeling good about your results. Liposuction surgery can make dramatic and profound change to the way your body looks, and can – in some people – make the difference between feeling good about oneself and having body image issues. We believe that everyone should feel good about themselves, and if that means making a longer-lasting change (think braces!), we’re all for it.

Changing your body can be an incredible experience, for example in people who have spent a lot of time losing weight but have small pockets of fat that have resisted their efforts, or where a particular area of the body doesn’t respond to exercise.

Liposuction surgery is not for everyone, but there may be other, less invasive procedures you can undertake for temporary or long-lasting body reshaping. These include fat freezing, skin tightening, and the Thermi RF treatments that can both eliminate fatty tissue and tighten skin.

Make an appointment today to discuss your body shaping desires.
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