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Looking after yourself post liposuction – we talk liposuction garments and after care

Looking after yourself post liposuction – we talk liposuction garments and after care
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  • Looking after yourself post liposuction – we talk liposuction garments and after care

looking after yourself post liposuction

You’ve made the investment in liposuction, a procedure well known for its ability to shape and contour the body. But what happens afterwards? We know you want to preserve and maintain the effects of your liposuction treatment! The long-term effects of your surgery are predominantly affected by the way you look after yourself during recovery and the use of stable diet and exercise habits as well as liposuction garments designed to tighten and compress. ENRICH Clinic is led by Dr Michael Rich, a well-known tumescent liposuction specialist in Melbourne. We’re committed to getting you the best results possible, so read on for why tight and firm liposuction garments are a must in your liposuction recovery regime.

Why liposuction?

Liposuction is an excellent option for those seeking to remove stubborn pockets of unwanted fat that are resistant to good diet and exercise. The procedure is well-revered for its ability to tone, tighten and trim the figure – and rightly so! Dr Michael Rich champions the tumescent liposuction technique, giving our patients reduced recovery times and less likelihood of bruising following the procedure. Along with dedicated aftercare in the form of liposuction compression garments and smart lipo compression garments, tumescent liposuction provides smooth and consistent results.

Liposuction compression garments 

Liposuction compression garments firm and tighten treatment areas by compressing the skin and muscles. Whilst not necessarily the most fetching of garments, you’ll love the smooth results investing in liposuction compression garments provides.

Committed to a more holistic treatment experience, ENRICH Clinic also understands the importance of maintaining good exercise and diet following your procedure. Whilst new fat stores are unlikely to materialise in recently treated areas, because the fat cells in the area have been removed, fat can continue to accumulate in other pockets and areas of the body. In order to maintain the well-proportioned result your doctor has achieved, we recommend wearing liposuction compression garments, for a period of time, as well as committing to maintain healthy diet and exercise practices.

The garments are specifically designed for liposuction treatment areas, compressing the newly treated area to reduce swelling and bruising and to encourage smooth results. The liposuction compression garments are designed to be worn exactly where the small incision sites for tumescent liposuction are made in order to encourage speedy healing times. 

Liposuction compression garments

How do the garments work?

Ever cut your finger cooking and immediately gone to apply pressure to the cut? Well, it sort of works like that. The feeling of compression and pressure on treated areas is comforting and encourages healing. It also helps to maintain your new figure and support the muscles in the treatment area. Finally, the additional pressure applied by the tight compression garment also minimises the appearance of scarring by softening the skin.

The treatment garment will apply pressure to the area, forcing away any fluid build-up into the body’s lymphatic system where it can be safely carried away. By applying firm pressure to the treated area, the tight compression garment also protects the newly formed cavity following fat removal in the area. Without proper aftercare, these void spaces can fill with fluid known as seromas. Seromas can be painful and require draining immediately. Additionally, liposuction compression garments work from the inside out, preventing the skin over the newly treated area from wrinkling and sagging without the fact pocket to support it.

How tight is too tight?

The garment should feel firm, like a particularly tight pair of thick exercise leggings, but not uncomfortable. In short, the garment should be firm enough to feel very supportive but not so tight as to cause significant discomfort. Many patients report that the garment feels comfortable and supportive. We recommend wearing the liposuction garment for 24 hours a day in the days immediately following your surgery, and then for 12 hours a day at the one to two-week mark post-procedure.

Whilst it’s important that the liposuction garment is not too tight because excessive pressure in the area can result in prolonged swelling and bruising, a well-fitting liposuction compression garment is a vital component of your recovery as it prevents the accumulation of fluid. Excessive pressure in the area can actually result in prolonged swelling and bruising. The use of a liposuction compression garment will make your recovery time smoother and the results of your liposuction treatment smoother and more natural-looking.

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