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The Loub Job – feet injections and liposuction for perfect party feet

The Loub Job – feet injections and liposuction for perfect party feet
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  • The Loub Job – feet injections and liposuction for perfect party feet

The Loub Job – feet injections and liposuction for perfect party feetThere are reports flying around the internet regarding women getting what is being called the ‘Loub Job’, whereby the feet are treated with a personalised combination of liposuction, dermal filler injections and neuromodulators so that one can walk all day and party all night. In giant high heels. 

Some women are choosing liposuction and other foot treatments to stop heels being such a trauma to the feet (or at least reducing your ability to feel such traumas) with muscle-numbing anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler injections.

So how does the Loub Job actually work?
A doctor known as Suzanne Levine – a podiatrist – developed a treatment for women who were suffering from what is technically known as stiletto metatarsalgia. That is a fancy word for sore toes and feet from wearing ridiculously high heels.

The first form of the treatment involved dermal fillers being injected into the toe area to lubricate the joints in the feet. This type of dermal filler is used in sports medicine for joint injuries. Dr Levine uses a special light box to see exactly where to inject the dermal filler solution, which helps her patients avoid surgery, and ensures they can wear the shoes they want. As a shoe-lover herself (over 300 pairs), she wanted better foot solutions for her patients. Just wearing flats was not going not going to cut the mustard.

Foot liposuction
Excess fat can be suctioned from the toes and feet in a very minor liposuction procedure – in fact, the amount of fat that it’s possible to have in feet is so small that the treatment is usually very short and the recovery period is minimal.

The liposuction treatment can – if that’s your pet hate – make a huge difference to the way you feel about your feet by removing excess fat and reshaping the foot. Popularity of the treatment is currently low, but there are signs that the popularity of foot liposuction is increasing in the UK and USA.

The full Loub Job
The Loub Job is named after shoe designer Christian Louboutin, with the likes of Victoria Beckham and Lady Gaga being fans (of the shoes, not the Loub Job). The procedure is not cheap, with some UK clinics charging AUD$3,000 for the pleasure. The worst part about the toe liposuction is reportedly the month wearing flats that people are forced into as their feet recover. Those who are getting these foot jobs are people who love shoes.

Toe shortenings
Another operation being performed for cosmetic reasons is toe shortenings, whereby foot and toe tissue and bone is shortened surgically. This can be done for medical reasons (hammertoes can cause discomfort), however it can be a combination of aesthetics and comfort that prompt the surgery.

We don’t do Loub Jobs, but we do have anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. 
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