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Men and liposuction

Men and liposuction

Liposuction is a long-lasting fat removal and body shaping solution that can make a significant difference to a man’s body in all the best ways.

Excess fat from the belly, chest (‘man boobs’), back, abdomen and legs can be suctioned away, while we can redefine the jawline and neck by removing a double chin or chubby jowls.

Liposuction is a body reshaping tool, not a weight-loss tool, so is very well suited to the chest area, hips (‘love handles’) and other smaller, persistent pockets of fat that aren’t easy to shift with diet and exercise alone.

We can treat many areas of the body in the same appointment.

Most common areas of liposuction men choose

  • Male breast reduction (gynaecomastia, fatty chest tissue)
  • Abdomen (to reduce a protruding stomach)
  • Flanks (sides of the abdomen to slim the profile)
  • Double chin (to slim down and create a more youthful facial profile)

The male breast reduction

Men can develop fat in the chest and breasts, offering a gentleman a respectable C cup. Men may not love this development, often suffering embarrassment and the annoyance and lack of confidence that can be a consequence of poorly fitting clothing.

Liposuction on the male breasts at ENRICH Clinic is a relatively simple procedure since there isn’t necessarily much fat in the area – it can just feel like a lot.

A smaller procedure means a fast recovery time with minimal bruising and swelling. Men may opt for just the breast area treated, or other areas of the body at the same time. Whatever your concerns are, Dr Michael Rich, our liposuction expert, can advise you on the best set of treatment areas to get the most out of your natural assets.

More areas treated affects the total cost of liposuction.

There are two types of breast tissue development in men: true gynaecomastia and simply a chubby chest.

True gynaecomastia is the result of hormonal disruptions whereby a man ends up with a greater proportion of oestrogens than androgens. Breast tissue, including fat and ducting, may develop.

Liposuction cannot remove ducting – only fat. Some male breast tissue requires surgical removal of ducting. The underlying hormonal imbalance should also undergo investigation and be treated as appropriate, to help prevent a recurrence of gynaecomastia.

If the chest tissue is only or mostly only fat, the liposuction procedure will be a success. You can generally tell if breast tissue is very glandular in nature because ducting feels a lot firmer than fat. Fat jiggles and is soft to the touch.

Dr Rich will let you know in your consultation whether you are a good candidate for a male breast reduction or if you need a referral to a surgeon. Gynaecomastia is a medical condition and treatment may be covered by Medicare.

Jowl, neck and chin sculpting liposuction for men

A double chin can quickly make you look old and fat, even if this is far from how you feel. One of our favourite procedures at ENRICH Clinic is chin/neck liposuction because it not only improves the facial profile, but it instantly makes people look younger and slimmer. It’s such a small amount of fat removed for such a dramatic improvement in facial appearance.

The jowls can also benefit from a small amount of fat removal, after which the skin naturally retracts and creates a more streamlined jaw. While men and women equally dislike chubby jowls, correcting this sagging fat pocket in men has the added benefit of creating a stronger, firmer jawline.

What makes me a good candidate for liposuction?

  • Being generally healthy at a stable, healthy weight
  • Able to heal normally
  • Those with stubborn fat pockets
  • Healthy elastic skin (as we age our skin gets less able to retract naturally)
  • Has a healthy diet and lifestyle
  • Someone who has body goals in mind
  • Almost any age

How liposuction enhances the male body and face

Men tend to store excess fat in the torso, as opposed to the legs and buttocks. This fat storage direction is due to hormones, which dictate where and how much fat is stored. We don’t have much control over our hormones, but we can somewhat control how much fat we store via diet and exercise. Being healthy isn’t always enough to get the body we want, which is where liposuction and other fat removal techniques come in.

Liposuction on the torso, for example, can create a slimmer profile and reduce – sometimes significantly – a protruding abdomen, or ‘beer belly’, making a huge difference in appearance.

The chest area can also be sculpted, creating a more athletic shape in shirts, t-shirts and jackets. A small reduction in fat in these areas can make the difference between squeezing into your old clothes, and feeling like you look good out in the world.

Dr Rich is an expert in his field, having performed thousands of liposuction procedures. Many liposuction practitioners don’t have the same level of experience as Dr Rich when it comes to the male body – this matters. If your practitioner has only ever sculpted the female body, what might you end up with?

Trust one of the best and most experienced male liposuction experts in Australia, Dr Michael Rich at ENRICH Clinic.

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