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Men demanding more chest liposuction than ever

Men demanding more chest liposuction than ever
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  • Men demanding more chest liposuction than ever

We are seeing more cosmetic surgery and liposuction treatments for both men and women. Men in particular are increasingly choosing liposuction as their weapon of choice in the fight against unwanted fat in the chest area.

Liposuction cost in Melbourne – men’s liposuction

Liposuction cost in Melbourne is steady across providers, with it being more or less true that you get what you pay for in practitioner skill and clinic quality. Liposuction costs for men are the same as for women, however the areas men get treated tend to be different, because men and women’s bodies collect fat in different areas. This affects liposuction costs, but outcomes are just as good for both genders.

Liposuction for ‘man boobs’

Men’s liposuction is the fastest growing area of cosmetic procedures, with breast reduction one of the most popular procedures, hands down. ‘Man boobs’ can stick around long after general weight has been lost and muscle built, with male chest fat sometimes being diagnosed as gynaecomastia, which can involve ducting tissue as well as fat. True gynaecomastia is a little different to a fatty chest area, however only a doctor can diagnose this for you to help decide on appropriate treatments (like liposuction).

Male chest liposuction is a fast procedure, with little to no downtime, when performed on its own. There is no general anaesthetic required, so while taking it easy and following after-care instructions are important, anyone getting breast reduction liposuction can usually quickly return to their normal activities.

Men seeking treatments to remove unwanted/stubborn fat deposits is no longer considered taboo. Men caring about their appearance is now considered not only normal, but in many ways desirable, since being able to compete may rely on us looking the part. In 2017, male liposuction for breast reductions increased about 20 per cent, which is a huge jump for just a year, reflecting men’s increasing desire to improve their appearance.

Why are male breast reduction procedures so popular?

Men may be embarrassed by their chest fat, which can make it look as if they have more feminine breasts. In fact, a man’s breasts can start to resemble small female breasts, given the right circumstances of hormones and fat intake. This enlargement of the male breast can occur even with exercise and a healthy diet, which is where liposuction can step in to resolve the problem quickly and easily.

The chest can have more defined muscles with no excess fat apparent. The results remain natural-looking, even if he puts on weight later on. Advancements in liposuction techniques mean liposuction is more convenient and safer than ever, which is also reflected in liposuction costs in Melbourne clinics. Better results, shorter treatments, and more skilled practitioners means outcomes are excellent. The treatment is entirely customised to the person.

There are other options for removing stubborn fat that don’t include liposuction, for example fat freezing, radiofrequency treatments, and fat dissolving injections. Multiple areas can be treated in the same appointment, for example belly, hip, abdomen or flank fat, with skin tightening also an option.

Dr Michael Rich – liposuction expert

Dr Rich is ENRICH Clinic’s resident liposuction expert – he has been doing liposuction procedures on men and women for over 30 years, and he knows bodies.

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