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Men: look sharper with quick cosmetic treatments

Men: look sharper with quick cosmetic treatments
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Feeling good often means knowing you look good. Seeking cosmetic treatments may be one pathway you take to getting there, with plenty of walk-in walk-out treatments for men available at our Melbourne clinic.

Most of these treatments are non-invasive and quick: you can get rid of annoying, stubborn fat pockets that the gym won’t shift (and age has beset on you), get rid of excess sweating, and get rid of that perpetually tired look on your face.

Some of our most popular men’s treatments include fat freezing for a comfortable method of long-lasting fat removal from anywhere on the body, including the belly, chin/neck, chest, back and flanks. Fat freezing techniques involve cooling fat cells to a specific temperature whereby the fat cell is damaged beyond repair, and is thus scavenged by your body and removed forever.

Excess sweating treatments can include anti-wrinkle injections into your armpits to stop the ‘sweat’ nerve signals getting through. These treatments are very comfortable, and are effective for several months.

Laser hair removal is one of our most popular treatments amongst men, since we can do large areas of the body and either heavily reduce hair growth, or completely remove it over multiple treatments. Hair can be removed successfully from the back, buttocks, legs and torso, or in fact anywhere you have unwanted hair, including the brows, face and neck.

Laser tattoo removal is also proving popular with men. Getting rid of tattoos can be a real game-changer as you age, since having signs of the past isn’t always the look we’re after. Laser tattoo removal is less painful and faster than ever before with our top-of-the-range picosecond laser, just one of three of its kind in Australia.

Dermal filler treatments are increasingly being used by men, since you can enhance facial features with a few simple injections, improving the appearance of lines, jowls and skin tone. Dermal filler treatments can be used to boost volume in certain areas (including adjusting the shape of your nose and lips) but also as an all-over facial rejuvenator. If your face has seen too much sun and needs some freshening up, tiny dermal filler injections across your skin can trigger the cells to regenerate and rejuvenate with collagen, elastin, and better cell function. This leaves you looking fresh and healthy.

Dermal filler at ENRICH Clinic in Melbourne is a substance naturally found in connective tissue and skin in mammals, and is the one ingredient that actually makes your skin healthier over time. We lose this substance as we age, and with it the collagen that it promotes, so dermal filler boosters can make a huge difference to your face.

Dermal filler can improve the appearance of your chin, cheeks, jowls, forehead, and especially around the eyes. You can get rid of eye bags and dull, tired-looking skin.

If your skin is blotchy or has red patches, or even scars and stretch marks, this can be adjusted using one of many laser treatments to even out skin tone. Lasers stimulate collagen and remove the topmost layer of dull skin cells to get to the fresher skin underneath. Laser treatments are many and varied depending on your problem, but ENRICH’s Melbourne clinic has one of the best collections of state-of-the-art technology in Australia, including our new addition, the PiQ04 picosecond laser.

We have the best technology to get the most out of your face and body.
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